Sunday, May 31, 2009

Diversity .. YAY

Happy Happy night .. even though the AC stopped working .. 
Diversity won BGT .. I don't like the show but I love Diversity .. 
When I saw Flawless and their performance "they were the first to perform" I thought that was it .. I was wondering the whole night how would Diversity come up with something to beat those guys and my heart was in my stomach .. or maybe was out of my throat .. but it wasn't in the right place .. it could have been the heat too .. but oh well .. 
Until Diversity came on very late .. and WHAT A PERFORMANCE !!!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy they won .. and I still think I should go to London and watch them .. mwahahahaha !!! 
anyways .. now that I'm sure we'll see more of them .. 
I comfortably resumed my plan for voluntary workshops at the cultural center .. 
I found that they already had my name in their list and were just waiting for the school term to finish these few weeks to allow the kids to sign up for my workshops
I am so happy .. 
Quite happy that I didn't care much for the hot weather although my ears are sort of burning hot .. but .. uhhhhhhh Thank you thank you Diversity .. you made my day ..   :P
Funny how such things can change my mood .. 
It was really really an enjoyable performance .. I might sign up for street dance classes ;)
yeah right .. 
Adios .. 

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