Saturday, May 30, 2009

Talents anyone ?

Eh .. BGT is coming to an end .. and yesterdays semi final wasn't a good one at all in my opinion
Not that I love the show .. but my favourite dance group is there and I just got to see how things are going .. and to cut a long story short .. I am watching BGT for that purpose .. nyahaha
Personally .. I'm sick and tired of all singers .. I want Diversity to win the show .. 
Simply because I want to see more of their performance .. hahaha 
I think I might travel to London and stalk them .. 
Maybe I should practice my guitar playing and then move to UK and take part in their show and show them some talent .. LOL
I don't have much to do these days with the hot weather and all .. so I'm watching this crazy show 
What will I do when it's all over ?
Sports channels on the way .. Book preparations "not yet" .. room re-arrangements "next month" .. arts & crafts classes .. hummmmmm .. 
I guess I better contact the cultural center and give voluntary arts and crafts classes during the summer .. 
What am I gonna do .. it's a long .. long .. hot .. summer .. I don't like it at all 
oh well .. DIVERSITY .. viva street dance groups .. LOL

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