Saturday, December 12, 2009

The little things in life

Patterned Paper / Pads / Kits
Funny how a package can turn my mood .. End of year .. collections out of stock .. clearances .. black friday discounts .. and .. well .. ya know .. a chance that I wouldn't miss
I ordered a huge list of supplies .. and the packages were going to arrive sooner or later .. but as soon as I opened the boxes .. the ooh .. whoa .. didn't stop .. I even went teenagers mode and said OH-MY-GODDDDD !!! "never been a a teenager, always acted 30"
New Paper Punches (LOVE 'em)
eh .. well .. you get the idea .. it was awesome how holding my patterned paper pads .. and tools .. can turn my mood 180 degrees ..
I love it .. and hope that it loves me enough to help me go through my plans in the arts & crafts field .. by it .. I mean my hobby and art and talent and new stamps collection .. that sorta thing .. sheesh !!!! cheerio .. "what's wrong with me?"


  1. Congrats Mannayah for the new stuffs. Even i become ecstatic when seeing my stuffs. It brings internal joy :) congrats again. u r worth it!!!!!waiting for new projects!!!

  2. lol thanks Noor .. I am waiting for 3 more packages from the U.S. mainly new stamps & Inks .. will mos def post new pics here when I'm done .. thanks for following up :)