Monday, December 7, 2009

Purple dress doll

السلام عليكم
أحاول أحط شي بين فتره وفتره لين ما الله إيسر الأمور ويخلص الموقع إن شاء الله
وهاذي على قولة بنت اختيه
أو باليرينا
Salaam ..
Haven't been posting much because I think I'm going through what's called .. midlife crisis ?
or .. whatever .. I don't know ..
But trying to fill this blog with something till the web site's up and running
this is supposed to be a flower fairy
used basic round quilled tight coil for the body & head .. and husking for the flowery part of the dress
my 3 years old niece calls it .. barareena "as in ballerina"
within few weeks another project will be complete with several fairies and their flower garden
until then .. enjoy :)