Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's been long .. and I mean .. LONG !!!!

so much happened since last time I've written 
The first exhibition ever in the Arab World
Displaying the work of new future artists and all participants in the 6 weeks workshops
In addition to some surprises where new people came and displayed their quilling attempts 
which was a truly amazing experience 
Hopefully we can make the REAL first exhibition in the Middle East and the Arab World someday 
by professional local & international artists too 
gonna have to keep trying regardless to all I'm facing with that regard

Not only that .. but .. few interviews .. newspaper publication .. visits .. workshops ..
ok .. not few as in count .. but few to my long lived life ..
Finally found a friend who'd help in my website .. I'm hoping this would change many things in course of my career ..
well yes I said " I'm hoping" ...
I do want to carry on doing the things I love but I'm also growing old .. and frustrated ..
But inshaAllah still hoping for the best :)

Sama Dubai's interview was the best by far .. but I ended up getting sick for a whole week after the interview for some reason ..

I would love to say that was a good start .. but I have been hanging around the start line for quite sometime ..
I do take actions .. I do work hard .. I keep faith .. and whatever it takes ..
But for some reason things are still waiting at the start line ..
My start line is a long one .. and I frankly don't know why ..
Maybe things are not meant to happen for me in the direction that I'm taking ?
Maybe !!!
But then again .. still hoping for the best .. "inshaAllah"
Keep faith Mannayah .. keep faith !!!!