Friday, January 1, 2010

Great Start

السّلام عليكم
بداية رائعة وجميلة
بافتتاح الموقع .. أخيرا
كل الشكر والتقدير للرائعين .. السّيد عقيل فكري و السيّد نظام الدّين
للجهد المبذول في تصميم الموقع وكل مايتعلق به
الصّفحات العربيّة ستتبع خلال أسابيع قليلة إن شاء الله
I can finally say .. please visit my website
A wonderful start to this year
and as a dear friend said, the site it self is a piece of art
that's more than enough for me ..
The Arabic part or pages will follow within few weeks inshaAllah
Thanks to all of you :)


  1. Great mashAllah. I never knew you were such an active artisan mashAllah. Your website is really a piece of art. Just a request to post the website link in the blog so that viewers can access with a click. Good Job Mannayah. Wish to see u live!!!!!

  2. Noor dear thanks for your encouraging comments .. will take your suggestion to action inshaAllah .. I too was very happy to see your work .. its always a pleasure to observe art in many ways .. and again .. glad that you liked the website .. you will soon see me inshaAllah :)