Monday, June 14, 2010

So what's been going on so far?

السلام عليكم
من ناحية شو صار لين الحين
نقدر نقول .. ولا شي مهم
لا شيء يذكر
بعدني أفكر أهاجر
لكن خل نراويكم صور شغلات سويتها في هالفتره
I don't know what is it to be honest
is it the fact that I honestly seriously truly feel OLD
or is it the horrible hot weather ?!!
but either way .. it's a very depressing stage of my life ..
like when it's been very ugly and now it's floating over the limits
so at least I can hope that nothing gets worse ..
okay !!
Paper Crafts ..
My favorite cousins wedding in July ..
of course I'm attending ..
and this is the topper for the cards he asked me to make specially for him
what else ?
Last week took part at an Arts & Crafts Souq and met the most interesting and sweet people
A sweets Lady who is even sweeter than her sweets :)
Two Fav ladies who are crazy with their needle work ..
made me think I should take up more arts classes ..
and well .. met few of my web pages visitors .. it was fun :)
and .. well .. trying to get ready for both trips ... India & Japan
Don't even know where to start from ..
it's hard when you have a lousy good for nothing family ..
you end up doing every single thing related to you and them ..
and I have had enough of this .. I've been doing it for long now ..
but I need to get things done .. and well .. YES .. I am a survivor ..
and I'm going to drop dead very soon ..
Yesterday with all the icky feeling I'm doing thru ..
I managed to make two paper dolls ..
so here goes ..
so I guess it's not bad to feel depressed huh ?!
oh .. I forgot .. Japan's trip ..
I Finished this one last week ..
I was working on it for two weeks non stop when I had fever and lost my voice ..
Gonna have to figure out how to ship it though ..
my Sakura Tree ..
I love it
ok ..
that's it ..
gotta get going and start working on more paper dolls ..
Planning to make an army of those and then start making friends with em .. :S
eh ..
well until next time ..
وداعة الله


  1. Hey there!! Where are you?? Missing you badly...
    By the way I enjoy reading your posts, I think you can write a book :)
    So how's life?? You must be so busy with exhibitions...
    Your projects are stunning Masha Allah, are offering any courses in Dubai during summer??

  2. Hala wallah Noor .. you are truly Noor
    Glad that you enjoy reading my blabbing :P
    Not that busy really ..
    but had a terrible fall down for two weeks and was unable to talk without suffocating and the fever got the best of me
    and during that time was working on my sakura tree
    and now trying to get ready for two trips .. cousins wedding in India .. then exhibition in Japan :)
    and construction work going on in the house
    Life is hectic .. but it's also good :P
    Was hoping that I can give courses this summer but my trips will almost take a whole month

    but inshaAllah will try and offer courses soon " insha Allah " ..
    nice hearing from you Card Princess :)
    * even a bigger hug *