Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back Home عدنــــــــا

السلام عليكم
أخيرا عدنا لقواعدنا سالمين
عرس في الهند و ورشة عمل فن لف الورق في اليابان
its been the busiest time of my life
ok .. I might have been busier
but considering my age and condition this was a wee bit too much for someone like me * hint *
eh .. oh well ..
Lets get to it and be done with it .. hahah
so the Indian weddings are the coolest ?
ignoring all the inconveniences and such ..
it was all worth it ..
I finally attended a real family wedding and cried like a brides mom
but in my case I was the grooms eldest cousin .. hey its almost the same
why ? because I carried him when he was a tiny thing ..
so I have the right to cry seeing him a young man
ok .. fine .. it's coz I said so ..
oh my I cried a lot during the trip to India ..
I cried coz I was happy my cousin Sameer got married ..
I cried coz I was happy to see Asif ..
he's almost 19 and haven't seen him since he was a feet long .. now he's almost 5.7 I think ?
I cried when I left ..
I cried when lil Ahmed & Sidra cried at the airport
I cried coz I read Arsalans message
I cried when the bride hugged me the last day in India and I started crying with her
I cried when I got home and remembered them all
and now I can't hold my tears coz I really do miss them and wish to be with them again
it is a cruel thing .. being in your own home .. and feeling like a stranger
but I'm thankful to God that the "stranger in me" has a bound somewhere else
and looking forward to meeting my other family in India ..

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