Wednesday, July 21, 2010

آخر ليله في اليابان

السلام عليكم
سافرنا أسبوع للهند
وأسبوع لليابان
والليله آخر ليله في اليابان
ماعندي شي أضيفه حاليا
لكن الصور إن شاء الله من أرد البلاد
It's been the busiest period of my life
Last week in India .. this week in Japan
but my crazy adventure " or thats what I'd like to call it"
is coming to an end ..
it's the last night in Japan .. and tomorrow same time I'll be flying back home
More details to come as soon as the miserable flight is over .. coz I'd probably be sick just like when I first arrived .. I mean a 12 hour flight ? then two hours in Taxi with the few more hours we had to spend in both airports ..
oh well ..
Details next week :)
let's hope tomorrow goes by smoothly ..

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