Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another Interview

Today I had an interview with a journalist at a local newspaper
not the first time on that particular newspaper ..
but hopefully a proper article with "proper pictures"
I made a special card for the lady who will be composing the article
the one you see in the pictures .. with my cards too ;)
yeah lollipop flowery business cards hahah
oh .. another thing is ..
I have a JOB interview tomorrow for the first time in the past two years
eh .. I don't think I'll ever get used to those
so it will be another day passing by with misery and unwanted stuff
and all that rubbish
But I do hope that it goes well :)
for many reasons really
My parents are undependable upon
My family is almost non existent
I lost everything in "life"
except paper !!!!
I only have myself to rely upon
"what's new abut that?"
to made what I want happen
I have to do me a make over
what ? Game Over ?
so .. it's called a Gulf Nations DRAMA
with Indian spices or what soever
anyways ..
there's a particular friend who's been very persistent on me doing certain things
or rather getting a life .. :)
this very tiny piece of work goes to my friend
thats about it really
getting ready for tomorrow
a 3 hours drive at least .. God help me

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