Saturday, November 13, 2010

Celebrating Eid

ok .. so I always wanted something like this
an arts and crafts society
well more of scrapbooking cardmaking paper loving society
where we all share ideas .. tips .. and such
yes that would be it :P
anyways .. lets get into it
so our friend Noor Nahdi .. who's really really
and I mean REALLY fond of cards
ahm you will know when you check out her blog
we call her the Cards Queen :)
is having this fab fun filled week of Eid Cards
yes .. many talented ladies will share their Eid cards with you
from around the world ..
so .. check our her blog
and enjoy :)


  1. Your cards are great.Am a follower :)

  2. Thanks dear friend!!!
    Keep inspiring :)

  3. Radwa .. following you back lol .. its really nice to get to know creative ladies from around the world .. thanks dear :)

  4. Thanks goes to you Noor for providing a chance :)