Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Best Friends Wedding

No .. not the wedding really :P
it's her weddings invitation cards to be specific
well .. a very very g
ood friend of mine asked me to make her wedding cards
YES .. I was thrilled ..
well thrilled coz I was very happy an honored
and scared at the same time that I wont be able to make it on time or
I don't know .. stuff happens
but alhamdulellah I finished them today :)
so .. here goes .. entirely handmade

and here's a detailed one
Wishing you all the happiness inshaAllah
my dear Aseel :)
I had a nightmare yesterday that I finished the cards went to sleep and woke up
and found that each and every card was of different design and color
I was horrified and woke up to check all the cards
and only then I realized I was just dreaming
oh well ..


  1. Super masha Allah!!!
    Very professional work...

  2. Thanks dear Noor :)
    Glad you liked em :)

  3. Wonderful!!I do love your quilling.
    You have an award on my blog....Check it here :)

  4. Thanks Radwa .. will check it out for sure :)