Thursday, November 18, 2010

This too shall pass

There's this sweet girl called Noor ..
an arty crafty lady
" keep the arty crafty part in mind coz you will hear it soon if I win a competition next week"
pray for me
so .. this sweet girl is getting confused by my rants :(
and I don't wanna confuse her ..
so .. next time I write it'll be a review about a tool or a product inshaAllah :P
eh .. cool ?
well .. there's this really good chance that what I have been working to aim for achieving
might get done a little bit faster .. and with more convenience ..
convenience these days means funds if ya know what I mean ..
I mean I will be provided sufficient funding to go ahead with my dream project :P
the ahmm .. " arty crafty " thing ..
which I will only tell you about if I win .. nyahahah
a competition with big award was launched and I took part ..
I was even short listed amongst 100 participants and I am now amongst the 10 finalist ..
I have no idea if I'm winning or not .. only five will be awarded ..
Today I received the invitation to attend the ceremony ..
so I have been waiting since last month and the announcement will take place at a fancy ceremony this coming Wednesday ..
I'm going to take a 3 hours drive to attend the ceremony not knowing if I'm even going to receive a trophy ..
if I win .. many things will change of course ..
if I don't .. I have to take another 3 or two hours drive .. catch up with event coordinators to set my paper creations at displays scattered around a shopping mall .. and attend the exhibition the very next day .. all that .. with a " you're a loser " icky feeling in my tummy
which I already have now .. ewwwy
that's my trouble ..
but all will be well inshaAllah ..
" this too shall pass "
coz I have faith .. and hope for the best inshaAllag


  1. OK, now I understood!!!
    May you be awarded insha Allah and be among the best five!!!
    Good luck..

  2. Thanks so much sweetie :)