Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Challenging myself / quilled creations

السلام عليكم
while waiting for the good things to happen .. or .. say cross my way rather ..
well .. thought of making few things ..
" الفنر "
the Arabic lantern .. well historically it's Indian to be precise .. but who's checking ..
this one's been on the shelf for over a year
but I finally managed to finish this yesterday ..
so here it is :)
Another project is a "bride"
but things turned to a different direction as usual
so it's a bridesmaid now :)
or you can consider this one a cute lil bride doll
the brides gonna have to wait for few more days
I loved this one because I made it differently than I usually make other paper dolls
and I think I'm improving slightly
thought the work is heavy but I managed to make this one stand still without a base
so YAY for me :)
cute .. isn't it
kawaii ;)
that's it for today .. I felt really good when I finished those ..
في أمان الله