Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another Interview

Today I had an interview with a journalist at a local newspaper
not the first time on that particular newspaper ..
but hopefully a proper article with "proper pictures"
I made a special card for the lady who will be composing the article
the one you see in the pictures .. with my cards too ;)
yeah lollipop flowery business cards hahah
oh .. another thing is ..
I have a JOB interview tomorrow for the first time in the past two years
eh .. I don't think I'll ever get used to those
so it will be another day passing by with misery and unwanted stuff
and all that rubbish
But I do hope that it goes well :)
for many reasons really
My parents are undependable upon
My family is almost non existent
I lost everything in "life"
except paper !!!!
I only have myself to rely upon
"what's new abut that?"
to made what I want happen
I have to do me a make over
what ? Game Over ?
so .. it's called a Gulf Nations DRAMA
with Indian spices or what soever
anyways ..
there's a particular friend who's been very persistent on me doing certain things
or rather getting a life .. :)
this very tiny piece of work goes to my friend
thats about it really
getting ready for tomorrow
a 3 hours drive at least .. God help me

Friday, August 6, 2010

Busy with my own business ?

actually ..
it goes like this
UK Guilds competition Last week of September
travel arrangements to be made immediately ..
tight budget after going out of control in my unorganized travels lately ..
Two more competitions .. end of September too ..
so I have few projects to work on in less than two months
and Ramadhan .. it requires full attention more than anything else here ..
and each needs extra attention
but .. hey .. it won't be the first time I'm working under stress and tight deadlines
so .. all I'm hoping for is that my work turns out to be unique inshaAllah ..
well .. thats not what it's all about ..
it's about fantasy ..
it's affection my work ..
the older grow the crazier imagination I have ..
the more willing I am to believe what I imagine ...
is that the right way to grow old ?
I'm supposed to be the wisest of them all :P
I'm so thankful to God for my imagination
thats where my paper work is concerned of course ..
otherwise .. I should stick to being wise .. :S
back to my paper strips and glues ..
Inks and punches too ..
what else .. yeah ribbons .. patterned papers ..
and .. let me see ..
well a whole lot more ..
and few important things in between ..
oh yes .. I know ..
I need to get a life ..
never mind ..