Saturday, January 29, 2011

Life is sweet Blog Hop

Peace be upon you hello hello & hello you must have arrived from Lin's BLOG well .. let me introduce myself first my name is Amna .. and I'm from the United Arab Emirates .. Pronounced Aa- Me - Nah in formal Arabic :P it means peaceful & safe and yes I am peaceful and safe .. hahah .. I am so thrilled to be taking part in this gigantic quillers blog hop
and sorry for any last minute inconvenience
it is also my first blog hop :) but girls just wanna have fun don't they ? so lets have some fun then ..

I chose to demonstrate a tutorial for making domes these are normally used for making flowers .. but also used for making faces in quilled miniatures but today .. we'll use them for .. ahm .. chocolates why ? because .. life is sweet and to me chocolate is sweeter
( update : ok finally managed to upload the video .. I hope you like it )
Domes or half circles were used in making the strawberries on the cakes
while the cake it self was simple made by creating a large tight coil
You can visit my website check out the gallery for more pictures .. okay ? no we aren't done yet .. you still have more fun things to come across and you should be heading towards Yuenie's blog for even better things to come
HERE if by any chance you got lost or wanna go thru other participants blogs .. go back to Leesandras blog or check out the following list ..
Enjoy .. and God Bless
Best Wishes
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  1. Everything here looks DELICIOUS! It made me hungry. Your work is fabulous and I am so glad you joined in. Thank you for sharing your beautiful projects and I will check back later for the tutorial. Have a SWEET day ;)

  2. Amna!!! You did an amazing job!!! The chocolates are so real!!! Thanks a lot for sharing your talent!!

  3. Oh, Amna, my sugar has just fell down :))) Now I have to take something sweet lol Yours look so yummy!
    See you!

  4. Now I am really hungry too, Amna! It all looks good enough to eat. Your quilling is exquisite - I am so impressed!

  5. BLIND ME!!! this is absolutely fabulous!!!
    cheers from Brazil!

  6. Oh My dear friend Happy you joined in the fun today!!! You know am a fan of yours!! Love those chocolates...want to eat them! Cannot wait to watch your tutorial will come back!
    Quilly Hugs,

  7. Sandy .. it's not even close to being as good as the ones you made .. tiny work just amazes me .. thanks for organizing this blog hop .. i enjoyed every bit of it :)

  8. Regina :)
    thank you so much and your praise means a lot to me .. one of the guys at my sisters work actually was about to eat one .. hahah

  9. Suzana .. lol .. I feel the same now after all the sweets I saw today .. I'm craving cheese cake & chocolate fudge ..

  10. Philippa .. thank you so much for visiting .. yeah true .. I'm really hungry now .. its almost dinner time in UAE but I so much want to eat chocolates now lol

  11. Vivi .. glad you liked my paper creations .. love all the way from United Arab Emirates .. thanks dear :)

  12. aww Linda my friend .. I just got back from your blog .. heheh " got back " loved your work too .. thanks for checking out my blog .. and the video was uploaded awhile back .. enjoy sweetness :) * big hugs *

  13. Love ur work Amna and tons of love for the video tutorial.
    You are superb!

  14. Shruti .. thanks a lot .. and sorry for the delay caused but was trying to upload since morning .. glad it finally came thru .. thanks again :)

  15. Your work is stunning. Your cake is good enough to eat - yummy. I am so glad I was able to stop by your site on my way around the world on the blog hop.
    Hugs, antonella :-)

  16. Nice demo on domes. The candy looks good enough to eat! Thank You for sharing.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  17. amna, thank you so much for this tutorial! we definitely need more tutorials for 3d quilling =) and such an elegant looking wedding cake!

  18. Love your little cake and candy. Awesome job!!

  19. You do very nice work!
    I am so happy to have found your blog and this blog hop!
    Thank you for sharing.
    I am now a follower.

  20. what a great video.Thanks for sharing.
    debbie_craine at hotmail dot com

  21. making me hungry for sweets, you did an awsome job on the candy and cake, my favorite would be the candy,lol. chocolate makes me happy!
    Paula at

  22. So cool! So sweet... Leesandra should have warned us to have dinner before hopping! =)
    Love your creations! And am going to check out more of your nice projects ;)

  23. Antonella .. thanks Antonella .. and thanks for all the efforts at NAQG website .. * hugs *

    quilt4fun2 .. thanks you so much :)

    Yuenie .. it was really fun and I was amazed by all the sweet stuff we saw .. life is sweet :)

    Marilynn .. thank you :)

    Cricut Matriarch ... glad you enjoyed this blog hop .. and thanks for following :)

    Debbie .. hope you found it useful .. thanks :)

    Hi Paula .. very true .. those sweets made me craving chocolate and cake .. lol

    WhiteRacoon .. your comment made me chuckle .. yes .. Leesandra should have warned us .. we all went a tiny bit crazier than normal when it came to eating sweets .. thanks for your comment :)

  24. Amna,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to make a video!!! :) I would love to learn how to quill. Your creations are amazing!

    Thank you so much for sharing,

    partridgelu at yahoo dot com

  25. Hi Jennifer
    glad you enjoyed viewing the quilled creations
    I had two videos made but unfortunately the second one is yet to be uploaded thru youtube with no luck for the 5th time .. hopefully by tomorrow :)
    you can start by obtaining this book " klutz paper twirling" it includes simple projects + tool + enough paper for the projects in the book
    once you start .. you wont be able t stop coz its an amazing art

    Thanks again for visiting :)
    Best Wishes

  26. Hi Amna,
    I wouldn't have believed they are not real chocolates if I hadn't watched the video. Super lovely chocs. I think I first found your site when Ann Martin featured you on her blog. Loved your creations. I bet I saw a wedding scene created by you, but don't remember where ( only 35 and already suffering from bad memory :) I didn't know you had a blog and I am glad I found it through this blog hop.

  27. WOW!!! I can't believe my eyes. You make it seem so easy. Thanks for the great tutorial. I'm going to have to try this. TFS.

    Christel (Scrappin' Sista)
    askscrappinsista (at) hotmail (dot) com

  28. I REALLY REALLY thought this was real chocolate, and you had just made the flowers! I was amazed when I watched the video!
    simply priceless!

  29. Beautiful quilling.
    Thanks for sharing video too

  30. Your works are beautiful too!
    Thank you for sharing!!
    hugs - (from Brazil)

  31. your work is as beautiful as your name :)
    such pretty flowers and those chocolates and strawberries are just soooo yummm!!!

  32. Hi there Sheetal :)
    It's fun isn't it .. I'm glad you enjoyed viewing the video .. and I'm 35 too heeheeh ..
    yes that wedding scene was my work too :) if you scroll down a bit you will find the blog post .. thank you so much for visiting :)

    Christel .. thanks for visiting .. yes give it a try its really fun .. just checked your blog too .. lovely .. :)

    Bonnie .. heheh .. thanks .. the best part of this blog hop is that i got to see many other blogs .. saw yours .. you're a pro :)

    Bronwyn .. thanks dear for visiting my blog :)

    Marcia .. thanks a lot * hugs back at ya *

    Mona .. do you know that I'm called Mona amongst the eldest in my family .. they think my name is too old so they call me Mona instead :)
    thanks for visiting :)

  33. All this CAN'T just be paper and art material, they look so realistic! Amazing job, and thanks for posting up a tutorial video. Cheers and hugs from Malaysia!

  34. hi there Jolene .. thank you so much for visiting my blog .. yeah i know thats why I uploaded a video .. hahah .. thanks again * hugs back *
    Amna :)

  35. The chocolates look good enough to eat. LOL I love the video tutorial. TFS

  36. Wonderful quilling and your video was very fun to watch. Two thumbs up! :) Also like the idea of decorating chocolates with dimensional paint.

  37. Fantastic quilling. What's better than chocolates. No calories in those

  38. Joce .. glad you enjoyed the video .. I'm sure you share the same craving for chocolates after all the adorable creations we saw in the blog hop :) thanks

    Ann Martin .. thank you so much .. there were few spelling mistakes .. the editing was awful .. internet connection wasn't good .. but it went by and we all had fun :) I love dimensional pearls & glitters .. and they dry without going flat thats the best part :) thanks Ann for visiting

    Ann # 2 .. heheh ... true true .. and my desk if full of real ones now lol
    Thanks :)

  39. Awesome work Amnah, I am so inspired by your work. Thanks for visiting my blog too.

  40. Jackie dear thanks for visiting too :)

  41. Everything looks so yummy! I especially love the box of chocolates.

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  43. Mare .. thanks for visiting .. glad you liked it .. and hope you'd try it :)

  44. Mannayah,

    Nice box of chocolates, I prefer the dark myself.
    Your videos are really nice, and I really loved your bridal party, I have seen it before but I just love revisiting it and finding things I hadn't noticed before.

  45. Hi there Teddie :)
    next time I'll make a box full of dark chocolate ;)
    I'm glad you liked the videos and thanks for visiting ..
    Best wishes ..
    Amna :)

  46. the cake is so cute!! :D
    I also like paper quilling :)

    visit my blog when you're not busy
    teddy bear princess


  47. thanks .. I saw your blog .. very cute images
    Thanks too :)