Saturday, March 12, 2011

One more thing before I travel "tags"

I'll be traveling Sunday Evening to India
doctor appointments and meeting cousins and few restaurants hopefully here and there
but before that .. I'm meeting a group of quillers in the morning ..
for that .. I made tags with quilled flowers
because as you should know by now .. I "LOVE" flowers
these will be given as gifts to all the ladies who will attend the gathering

that's it for now
I'll be away for almost 10 days or so
I hope all goes well :)


  1. very nice gift tags, looks like you put alot into them. Good luck at Doctors and enjoy your time with other quillers. It would be nice if there were Quillers close to me, it would be so much fun!

  2. This is so beautiful!! loved the colours and the pretty flowers!

  3. aww Paula .. if I was there I would have .. this gathering to a lot of effort from the lady who organized it but we were all excited .. it was so much fun and will post pictures later

    Karuna .. thanks .. I love flowers heheh

  4. They are really gorgeous, even Rikardo kept his own gift tag. Thanks for all the effort coming all the way from UAQ.

    Take care and hope you'll feel better after your check-up in India.


  5. Susan .. Thanks to you for organizing the event and being the sweetest person i've met .. it was so much fun and the whole thing is still fresh in my mind .. you made my day ..
    my best wishes to your hubby
    and big big hug to you

    take care too :)

  6. These tags are really lovely, Amna. I'm glad to have been given one of these. You work is always an inspiration.
    Yes, the coffee morning ( Thanks to Susan ) is a lovely memory - so fresh in mind too :)
    I hope you feel better soon and the treatment is effective, Insha Allah. Hope to see you back so