Sunday, April 3, 2011

Before dawn

السّلام عليكم
& peace be upon you
I am writing this at almost 1:12 AM
trying to finish few things
add something or change the color of another thing
uh ok .. I'm talking about my competition entry
well I need to ship my entry by tomorrow morning
so I'm working on some changes suggested by mom
and since I am hoping to win
and as you all know I can't win without my moms prayers
and she'll pray even more if she liked the piece
therefor changes are to be made
hope that makes sense
I really really .. I mean REALLY want to win
إن شاء الله يا رب
ok .. enough of this .. back to work
I feel sleepy too
oh yeah .. I hate Etisalats stinking internet connection for the past week
we are yet to experience the so called " uninterrupted" internet connection
it keeps cutting me off every two minutes it does ..
uh .. take care now


  1. All the best , Amna. Insha Allah , you will do well and win too. Our prayers are with you. And Allah has blessed you with great talent.

  2. Yasmin .. so glad to have known you .. you're always there to give a boost .. thanks my drear
    hugs back