Friday, September 23, 2011

Featuring new products

السّلام عليكم 
& peace be upon you 

Hello Hello .. 
so you probably got here thru Linda's blog .. 

Today I'm featuring new products from " My Quilling Nest

Often I wondered how to mail my quilled cards without a big fuss 
and many times I wished I had a customized stamp for all my hand made cards 
and recently a friend requested a simple card to hold gift money 

and here comes my friend Linda of " My Quilling Nest
surprising me with two very nice products that many quillers would be interested in 

so today .. I will show you two of her products 
a stamp set for personalizing your quilled creations 
and a box envelope for cards .. and it is a really good one

update: I have uploaded the video again .. I hope it is now viewable :) 

I used a stamp for the back of my card 
and there was a larger block that included information on quilling 
which I found useful for adding a lil something on the tags I normally distribute to students to work on during my classes and workshops 

The envelopes fitted a standard card size but preserved the quilling .. which was great 

Please check Linda's blog for more details and surprises if you haven't come from there already 

You can purchase the products thru My Quilling Nest 
They can ship Internationally 
The stamp set is big and is for $14.50
The envelopes are 8 per pack 
and are sold for $10.50 per pack with adhesive 
and $8.50 without 

Thanks Linda .. it was a nice surprise :) 

Have a great weekend

Happy quilling 

List of Supplies 
Stamps : My Quilling Nest 
Envelope : My Quilling Nest 
Cardstock : American Crafts & Hero Arts 
Quilling strips : Quilled Creations
other : nestabilities, quilling tools, kaiser pearls, HeroArts chalk ink, acrylic blocks, Martha Stewart border punch, Cricut machine for tags.


  1. very pretty card! I love the colors you used together, it really makes the embellishments pop! thanks for sharing.

  2. hi there Brenda .. I'm glad you liked it ..
    the video is up .. so I hope the pics are more clearer

    Thanks for visiting

  3. awsome card, love the envelope and stamps, what a great creation!!

  4. Gorgeous card!! I love the colors!! Those boxes will totally save our hard work from getting crushed!!

  5. hi there Paula :)
    hiya Tanya
    very true .. loved the envelopes .. very nice products too :)
    thanks for visiting ladies :)

  6. Your card, tag and quilling on your dolls are beautiful...Linda's products will be very helpful...a great idea!
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  7. lovely cards !thks for sharing and i love the stamps and the boxelopes !

  8. Amna,

    What a beautiful card, and your little ladies seem to agree with me.
    The envelopes look wonderful.
    Video would not work for me.

  9. hi there quilt for fun
    thanks Roopa & Teddie
    thanks for visiting .. and the video is being uploaded again .. thanks for your patience :)

  10. thank you so much ladies for visiting .. don't forget to visit Linda's blog too for giveaways :)

  11. beautiful card, love the bright colors!! those stamps are really cute, love the envelopes!

  12. Beautiful card , Amna. Thank you for the really useful detailed information about using the stamps. The box envelopes are a great idea too.

  13. Excellent video and your card is so pretty - way too pretty to get crushed in the mail, but Linda's box-envelope will take care of that little problem!

  14. Hello,i loved your work its excellent like magic.please can you mail me doll tutorial...thanks alot