Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lady in Red + some stuff

السّلام عليكم 
& peace be upon you 

Well I'm going to start with my red doll 
those who know me well .. also know that I'm allergic to this colour 
yes I love my countries flag and my Emirates flag .. but red and yours truly .. are not friends at all 

so .. when I made my red doll .. I was fighting the all in red look 
I had to add the dark brownish shade .. and then I thought well that's still red 
so had to splash a bit of pink 
and that kind of soothed my stubborn mind 

this is just a tiny creations of the many many fantabulous creations of many artists that you will all get to see at our upcoming event .. 
the first quilling exhibition in the Middle East 
and that's the other stuff :) 

I know I've been upset .. down .. irritable .. depressed because things were not going the right direction 
& there was always one trouble or another to drag down the whole exhibition purposefully or forcefully 
But recently things started clearing slowly .. 
better slow than never 
I am the only person probably who should know that very well .. 
because I'm slow .. HAHAHAHAHA 

I always repeat .. slow and steady wins the race 
yet fail to keep my good mood .. 
lately I decided to let go .. work as if everything is settled and confirmed .. 
and if they never are .. well then they never meant to be 
the moment I decided to do that 
things were beginning to get resolved in the simplest manner 
life is strange .. yet beautiful I suppose 

so .. I'm still working on my huge large scale project 
still going to resume work next week 
still without financial support for the exhibition 
but .. who cares !! .. 
we're all excited, the exhibition's confirmed & the artists are the best one could ever wish for .. 
why should I ask for more ?!!

hummm I think I'm in a good mood today .. thanks to Yasmin's latest fab creations .. and Swati's creative endeavors in quilling .. easy going kind sweet creative people always put one in a good mood 
I'm lucky .. for nothing special I did .. just like that .. lucky 
well I don't believe in luck .. so I should say more appropriately .. blessed :) 
yes .. thats the right word .. 

all praise to God 

have a great day 
Amna :) 


  1. Great doll!!! Love it..& best of luck for your large scale project!!! =)

  2. Kavya .. thank you sweetie .. hope to see you next time at ARTE .. and hope you'll shine at our exhibition as the youngest participant :)

  3. good luck with your large project, love your doll!!!

  4. Yes I have just checked your event.... Would love to come but my dad is out of town so cannot come...=( Hope to meet you next ARTE .......
    Thank You...

  5. love ur doll and best of luck ur large project...

  6. Is so delicate, chic, and shy...

  7. Very cute!!!
    Nati from Brazil