Saturday, October 22, 2011

A quick update

السّلام عليكم 
& peace be upon you 

I know I've neglected so many things 
Work & it's accompanying troubles got the better of me .. 
I'm already an A black list to some financial controller freak 
who placed me on top of the list coz I'm a "female" and I'm a "local" 
moreover, he was hoping that his good for nothing unqualified freak friend would get my job 
but too bad buddy .. I got it first .. with distinction too MUWAHAHAHA 
well that was the first strike 

second .. I had fever, bad cough .. and whatever I suffered from earlier in the year 
is all coming back to me 
that last part sounded like a silly song didn't it ?
oh well .. I'm unwell ..
the freezing office and the non stop dust and piles of unbelievably unreasonably forms and papers also got the better of me last week .. 
But .. I'm back I'm back .. and hopefully a lil better :) 

and most importantly .. things are becoming more and more brighter ..
that is for the first exhibition of quilling in the Middle East .. YAY .. can't ask for more really 
so .. many participants from around the world are taking part 
and surprisingly many amazing quilled creations .. NEW too
which I will only be able to show you after two weeks or so 

However, I'm far behind in my project which I intended to display at the exhibition 
but if you know me .. I am quite determined to get it done .. no sleep no weekends and hard work .. 
even with a runny nose .. Yes !!!
That's Amna for you :P   
yeah I just sticked out my tongue to an imaginary person .. 
ummm .. I suppose I still have fever !!!

oh well .. I hope I can get some videos done .. soon .. 
oh and by the way .. keep an eye at this blog on the 4th November .. 
there will be an amazing blog hop organized by the one & only Leesandra .. she's amazing .. 
so you will get to see many many great quilling projects soon .. 

that's it .. really .. 
and thanks for putting up with my nonsense .. 
I hope it will be worthwhile soon :) 


Amna :)