Friday, December 7, 2012

Fascinating Friday's Anniversary Blog Hop

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

السلام عليكم 
& Peace be upon you 

Today we're visiting many amazing blogs as part of this fun blog hop celebrating my friend Noor's Fascinating Fridays which I took part in long ago .. 

I'd like to share with you some special dolls I made for our 41st National Day which represents each Emirate .. as well as the remaining dollies from my army of dolls in this video .. 

Hope you'll like my little ladies and hope you'll get the chance to visit the other cool blogs below

Amna Al Fardh 
Mannayah (YOU ARE HERE)

Janine Smith

Rochelle Washington

Sabrina Sulaiman

Tenia NelsonJazzy Paper Designs

Enjoy :) 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I hate to say it but YES .. MORE Dolls :S

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
& peace be upon you .. 

haven't been able to do much lately due to work and other engagements 
the only thing I can manage to give more time to .. 
is my world record attempt of course ?!!!

been having several issues to finish the required number but aside from all that 
I'm writing to show you all some of my new dolls 
using for the first time hand-drawn designs 

I've always been a detailed artist as is sketching tiny drawings and all 
and then miniature quilling 

so when you combined two tiny things then this is what you get .. 

الحمدلله رب العالمين 

I hope you like my new dolls :) 


Amna :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Quilling/ Children City Dubai مدينة الطفل بدبي

السلام عليكم 
& Peace be upon you 

ورشة فن لف الورق بمدينة الطفل بدبي 
Paper Quilling Workshop for children 
at the Children City in Dubai 
Amazing kids .. very promising talents too :) 


& Happy Quilling :) 


Saturday, July 14, 2012

لف الورق في أم القيوين Quilling in UAQ

السلام عليكم 
& Peace be upon you 

This is a workshop I gave at my friends training & development centre 
and it was targeted for kids from 4-14 yrs 

was a lot of fun as usual .. and met the sweetest kids too :) 


Happy Quilling & hope you had a great weekend 


Friday, July 13, 2012

ThinkYes 2011

السلام عليكم 
& peace be upon you

This was a workshop I gave 
in collaboration with (YES) Young Eager Steps
last year .. which was aimed towards working with the orphans 
it was so much fun and loved my little cute friends

enjoy the slide show


Saturday, July 7, 2012

ورش فن لف الورق بالفجيرة Paper Quilling in Fujairah

السلام عليكم 
& Peace be upon you 

ورش فن لف الورق التي أقيمت بالفجيرة يومي ٢٥ يناير و ٩ فبراير من هذا العام 
Quilling workshops that were held at Fujairah earlier this year .. 
more videos will follow with regards to other events too .. 
yeah I'm late and I know it LOL 

enjoy :) 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Shamisen Trance !!!!

السلام عليكم 
& Peace be upon you 

Not a crafty post :) 
I fell in love with a Japanese instrument called Tsugura Shamisen 
for quite sometime now 
got busy with quilling and forgot about the fact that I want to learn how to play it 
oh well .. listening to some amazing artists is just as good 
and here we have two amazing Japense artists .. Yoshida brothers 
and this one is my favorite :) 

hope you like it 
Enjoy :) 


Saturday, March 3, 2012

I don't like being THAT busy :"(

السلام عليكم 
& peace be upon you 

I know .. yes .. it took long .. AGAIN .. 
but life is hectic 

so this post is the craft one .. gonna write another one in awhile .. :) 

I had to get some sort of an update posted 

lately I've been busy packing .. labeling .. sending .. " RE-SENDING" parcels 
for the swap & the "rejected .. good for nothing .. never approved .. never wanted .. never asked for .. art pieces " it's those that were annoying to deal with but oh well .. out of my way now .. 

and that pic is the cleanest one by the way .. the room was in fact a great mess .. I was almost kicked out of the house because of the horrible pieces that we never really asked for .. 

sorry about ranting that way .. but some people got the better of me because of the rude e-mails I got 

anyways .. the next bit .. shall we? 
I was working on Guinness World Record Attempt .. when I found that around 200 pieces were cracked .. the thing is .. it's not an entire piece or doll .. some were the main body .. some the heads or hands .. 
so ... 
I have been busy re-making the 200 + the balance .. which is 400 now :) 

want to take a look at my unfinished army ? 

and another pic ?
yes please .. 
That headless army of dolls looks scary doesn't it ? 

well here's a finished one I'm sending for my friend Jeanette in Canada 
she likes Blue :) 

well .. that's it for this post .. going to write another one in awhile :) 
different stuff that is .. hahah 

Adios amigas 

Happy Quilling :) 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Paper Quilling Workshop in Abu Dhabi

السّلام عليكم 
& Peace be upon you 

This was the last workshop of last year 
it was so much fun 
and thanks to AD Ladies for the fun time we all had 

Enjoy viewing the video :) 


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello? This one's too personal :)

السّلام عليكم 
& Peace be upon you 

this is a very long post .. for fun ya know ?!!!

OK .. now .. 
New year? 
But of course ... 

well .. I'm not the "YAY new year celebrations" sort of person ..
but thought I'd share with you all a glimpse of some personal moments .. 

interesting eh ? 
and yeah .. with personal pictures too .. 
even better huh !!!

Ok let's be done with this :) 
It started messy .. because I was sick until after April 2011

Travelled to India for medication in March but I actually wanted to meet my cousins again 

I Love them so much :) 
that shows you how much they're dear to me .. because I don't use that word with anyone :) 

Left pic
Descending from the roof to my uncle's house .. Mr.T

Above .. left to right 
My cousin Sana, Me, sis in law Saba (the wife of cousin Sameer, Sana's elder bro), and my sister Amal 
S's play a major part in my life it seems :) I should change my name and let it have an S somewhere 
or whatever .. 

Below .. a beautiful drawing by my young cousin Ahmed the sweetest boy that ever lived :)

that gigantic piece of ice cream? 
amazing .. many flavors .. with fruits at the bottom .. fresh .. great place .. we were the only noisy ones by the way .. eh .. it was fun .. 
that was my cousin Sameer's and his wife's treat for us all .. we all went to this fantabulous place 
and yeah of course there were many crazy pics of us fighting over the wafer and the cherry .. muwahahahaha .. I'm keeping those to myself ?!! ahm 

ok next pic .. 

Top pic left .. my cousin the prince Arsalan in green .. he's the quiet type .. "always"
next to him in white .. my other cousin Asif .. this young man holds  a large piece of my heart
and it's for him to keep .. forever .. he will always be our adorable baby cousin no matter what

Top right .. well me of course ? that sweet lil boy is my young cousin Furqan .. FurFur as my sisters call him .. he used to get annoyed being called FurFur .. but now we are all in love .. and when we're in love it doesn't matter what others call you right FurFur? lol 
he's a well behaved kid .. at least with me lol .. that pic was taken when he came back from prayers :) 

Bottom pic .. my great uncle Jaffar .. he came to visit after we went back to UAE .. and he met us there 
he is now in a very critical condition .. pic was taken 15th April
after taking that pic .. he cried afterwards .. saying it might be the last time he'd ever see us .. 
I'm glad I wasn't too fussy while taking the picture .. normally I am .. but I knew it meant a lot for him 
our prayers go for him .. he's currently in USA .. 

Next pic :)

Nov 22nd the first paper quilling exhibition in the region ever 
my pride and joy 
unfortunately .. someone did their best to ruin it for me .. 
but then .. what's being the eldest head of the family for but to put up with the nonsense of the kids in the family .. ?  :) 
I am glad however, I did my best .. my very best .. and I know it could not have been better :) 

the right bottom pic .. thats my world record attempt due Jan 2012 .. wish me luck :) 

Next pic
 Top left .. my winning quilled piece .. won the first place in USA 
Top right .. Dr. Khalifa Al Suwaidi & my mommy :) 
at ADTV before an episode of which I was one of it's guests 
I expressed a wish to take pictures so he went on his knees next to my mom and he said .. lets take good pictures with mom then .. a very very nice person .. worthy of his situation in life :) 
Below .. oh no wait .. YAY that's the crown prince of UAQ 
( yeah I'm teasing all those young teenagers ) .. and well yeah next to him .. thats me 
one of my rare good pics I think .. thanks Fatma Al Nooman :) 

Finally .. 

I don't think I ever smiled or was that much happy .. as much as I was during the opening of the exhibition .. I was in fact sending smiles all over the place .. I just couldn't help myself from doing so 
oh .. the reason I posted those pics .. 
you see my finger with that pink bandage ? 
early in the morning before the crown prince arrived .. I was shot by an evil eye and my finger broke right down my flesh half way thru my nail .. was looking around for a bandage .. didn't have time to care for anything else .. so my niece's nanny handed me one and .. 
well .. and .. I didn't realize it was pink and had one of those disney princesses on it till after the ceremony .. I was waving my hand here and there and the crown prince was beaming .. I should've known there was something * cries bitterly * my reputation .. I mean pink with cartoon princess?
and ME ? why why WHY ME ?!!!!   * cries again * 
oh well .. at least it was matching my gown .. OKAY ?! 

Baba Zayed .. my office .. 40th National day .. I wished I was in a better place where this day could have been celebrated to the max .. it was dull .. and I miss you so much .. 

2011 .. you're now being wiped out .. you deserve it 
2012 .. you better be good .. because I won't let it be until I get all I want this time :) 
I'm no longer the goody two shoes 
I'm fierce .. determined .. and selfish for a change .. because I'm worth it .. 
2012 .. Here I come :)