Friday, June 24, 2011

The Malaysian Quilled Flower

السّلام عليكم 
& peace be upon you 

An interesting buzz at the Emirates Quilling Guild's facebook group 
yes .. quite interesting 
everyone is sharing their take on a particular technique 
and I am so loving it .. it's quite exciting to wake up every morning .. 
and look at all the new creations there :
you see our Malaysian quilling artists are "SO TALENTED" and so creative and just uhh so good at making this particular flower with a specific technique .. that I started referring to it as their flower 
hence .. Malaysian Flower .. it's easy and fancy to remember isn't it :) 
hummmph .. 
Look at this video first 
so now ya know which technique I meant 

now where did that come from ?
Ummu Solehah Muhammad
She had the tutorial on her blog HERE
That's where I learned it from :)

Asma' Ahmad Bahari of Simple Rhymes 
she is super talented 
she shared with us the steps of making another great technique of making a flower 
of which I called the royal one .. 
because it simply looks ROYAL .. hahah 

checkout her blog HERE

here's some of her work in a video I made recently 

isn't she amazing :) 
and aren't they all amazing and talented artists ?
they sure are ...

Hope you had fun :) 


  1. Beautiful works, I've just joined that group on Face Book and they are great!!

  2. thanks :) glad you joined us Paula .. it's always amusing to find the new creations everyday :)

  3. very beautiful, thanks for sharing how to make it, maybe now mine will come out as good as yours !!!
    Sunil vaswani
    Vaswani brothers
    Vaswani dubai