Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lady in Red + some stuff

السّلام عليكم 
& peace be upon you 

Well I'm going to start with my red doll 
those who know me well .. also know that I'm allergic to this colour 
yes I love my countries flag and my Emirates flag .. but red and yours truly .. are not friends at all 

so .. when I made my red doll .. I was fighting the all in red look 
I had to add the dark brownish shade .. and then I thought well that's still red 
so had to splash a bit of pink 
and that kind of soothed my stubborn mind 

this is just a tiny creations of the many many fantabulous creations of many artists that you will all get to see at our upcoming event .. 
the first quilling exhibition in the Middle East 
and that's the other stuff :) 

I know I've been upset .. down .. irritable .. depressed because things were not going the right direction 
& there was always one trouble or another to drag down the whole exhibition purposefully or forcefully 
But recently things started clearing slowly .. 
better slow than never 
I am the only person probably who should know that very well .. 
because I'm slow .. HAHAHAHAHA 

I always repeat .. slow and steady wins the race 
yet fail to keep my good mood .. 
lately I decided to let go .. work as if everything is settled and confirmed .. 
and if they never are .. well then they never meant to be 
the moment I decided to do that 
things were beginning to get resolved in the simplest manner 
life is strange .. yet beautiful I suppose 

so .. I'm still working on my huge large scale project 
still going to resume work next week 
still without financial support for the exhibition 
but .. who cares !! .. 
we're all excited, the exhibition's confirmed & the artists are the best one could ever wish for .. 
why should I ask for more ?!!

hummm I think I'm in a good mood today .. thanks to Yasmin's latest fab creations .. and Swati's creative endeavors in quilling .. easy going kind sweet creative people always put one in a good mood 
I'm lucky .. for nothing special I did .. just like that .. lucky 
well I don't believe in luck .. so I should say more appropriately .. blessed :) 
yes .. thats the right word .. 

all praise to God 

have a great day 
Amna :) 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Featuring new products

السّلام عليكم 
& peace be upon you 

Hello Hello .. 
so you probably got here thru Linda's blog .. 

Today I'm featuring new products from " My Quilling Nest

Often I wondered how to mail my quilled cards without a big fuss 
and many times I wished I had a customized stamp for all my hand made cards 
and recently a friend requested a simple card to hold gift money 

and here comes my friend Linda of " My Quilling Nest
surprising me with two very nice products that many quillers would be interested in 

so today .. I will show you two of her products 
a stamp set for personalizing your quilled creations 
and a box envelope for cards .. and it is a really good one

update: I have uploaded the video again .. I hope it is now viewable :) 

I used a stamp for the back of my card 
and there was a larger block that included information on quilling 
which I found useful for adding a lil something on the tags I normally distribute to students to work on during my classes and workshops 

The envelopes fitted a standard card size but preserved the quilling .. which was great 

Please check Linda's blog for more details and surprises if you haven't come from there already 

You can purchase the products thru My Quilling Nest 
They can ship Internationally 
The stamp set is big and is for $14.50
The envelopes are 8 per pack 
and are sold for $10.50 per pack with adhesive 
and $8.50 without 

Thanks Linda .. it was a nice surprise :) 

Have a great weekend

Happy quilling 

List of Supplies 
Stamps : My Quilling Nest 
Envelope : My Quilling Nest 
Cardstock : American Crafts & Hero Arts 
Quilling strips : Quilled Creations
other : nestabilities, quilling tools, kaiser pearls, HeroArts chalk ink, acrylic blocks, Martha Stewart border punch, Cricut machine for tags.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


السّلام عليكم 
& peace be upon you all 

we now have a place to hold our exhibition 
and a suggested date too 

so now at least we can concentrate on our artwork 

I can even sleep comfortably now 

I never thought such an attempt where other organizations would take advantage of .. 
is going to be such as fuss 
I know its not that easy 
But I have done more complicated things and arranged for more serious official events thru out my career 
the truth remains .. that arts and local talents will remain unsupported and forgotten 
oh well .. you could not have dealt with anyone worse than I am 
so the exhibition is going to be held .. FINALLY .. 
and we have a great group of artists who are willing to give all their support 
what else can we ask for?  nothing :) 
we can move any mountain now 

Friday, September 9, 2011

SHOOT for the stars :)

السّلام عليكم 
& peace be upon you 

I thought I'd drop by here and write something 
nothing special 

just documenting my crazy moments 

being 35 .. one would think I'd be able to judge for as to the right thing to be done 
well .. hahah .. not really 
I decided to proceed with a project 
well .. it's a personal challenge 
something I promised myself I'd do by end of this year 
and well .. it needs more time than that 
but still .. I insist to go ahead with it no matter what

so mom says .. why not next year 
and my brain goes .. no .. thoughts float in the air 
and somebody else .. might catch that thought 
and .. well you know I'd be REALLY upset 
because I already have many things that got stolen while being done .. 
so I decide to go ahead .. and DO IT 
but then I just started and I'm already exhausted beyond imagination 
so one would think I'd give it up and do it later 
NO .. everything is still in place 

so what am I doing ?  
no vacation .. no weekends .. no nothing 
just working on my project day and night 
until December

do you want to know why ?
because I'm obsessed 
yes .. OBSESSED 

I'm not a smart person at all
wasn't the top student in my class either
BUT ... 
I was the first born 
the first grandchild
the first to earn a degree
the first to excel in many weird areas that no one thought I'd shine at 
the first to do this and that 
and when I'm not the first .. I'm the unique one 
it has always been that way 
and still is .. nothing changed .. I want to be the first .. 

and now .. I want to be the first to do this project .. and the one and only 
how would I do that ?
by working real hard on this project to the extent 
that one would look at it and " DREAM " they could do something like it in the future 
not now .. not tomorrow .. but in the future
thats how unique and great I want it to be :P 
how else would I be the first ?

see ? 
I told you I'm obsessed 
and frankly speaking I don't even know why 
I just want to be the first to do it 
in a very unique way too .. 
greedy huh ?
but what's stopping me then 
 .. time ..
but thats alright 
a good thing that I believe in and very much aware of 
is that no matter what I do .. 
if it's not meant to happen .. then it won't happen 
shall I sit back and relax and forget about it then ?
No !!
Because I don't want to look back and regret that I haven't done my best 

so .. the journey towards beings the first .. again 
and the unique .. once more .. 
begins ..... 
I'm shooting for the stars 
because I "think" I can :) 

eh .. well if I fail I'm gonna delete this post 
otherwise someone else might look back at this and laugh at me 

LOL ..

you wait and see .. you will know who the real Mannayah is :P 

December is not that far away.. and I believe that God will reward me 
إن شاء الله 

good night .. can't open my eyes anymore :)