Sunday, May 31, 2009

Diversity .. YAY

Happy Happy night .. even though the AC stopped working .. 
Diversity won BGT .. I don't like the show but I love Diversity .. 
When I saw Flawless and their performance "they were the first to perform" I thought that was it .. I was wondering the whole night how would Diversity come up with something to beat those guys and my heart was in my stomach .. or maybe was out of my throat .. but it wasn't in the right place .. it could have been the heat too .. but oh well .. 
Until Diversity came on very late .. and WHAT A PERFORMANCE !!!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy they won .. and I still think I should go to London and watch them .. mwahahahaha !!! 
anyways .. now that I'm sure we'll see more of them .. 
I comfortably resumed my plan for voluntary workshops at the cultural center .. 
I found that they already had my name in their list and were just waiting for the school term to finish these few weeks to allow the kids to sign up for my workshops
I am so happy .. 
Quite happy that I didn't care much for the hot weather although my ears are sort of burning hot .. but .. uhhhhhhh Thank you thank you Diversity .. you made my day ..   :P
Funny how such things can change my mood .. 
It was really really an enjoyable performance .. I might sign up for street dance classes ;)
yeah right .. 
Adios .. 

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Talents anyone ?

Eh .. BGT is coming to an end .. and yesterdays semi final wasn't a good one at all in my opinion
Not that I love the show .. but my favourite dance group is there and I just got to see how things are going .. and to cut a long story short .. I am watching BGT for that purpose .. nyahaha
Personally .. I'm sick and tired of all singers .. I want Diversity to win the show .. 
Simply because I want to see more of their performance .. hahaha 
I think I might travel to London and stalk them .. 
Maybe I should practice my guitar playing and then move to UK and take part in their show and show them some talent .. LOL
I don't have much to do these days with the hot weather and all .. so I'm watching this crazy show 
What will I do when it's all over ?
Sports channels on the way .. Book preparations "not yet" .. room re-arrangements "next month" .. arts & crafts classes .. hummmmmm .. 
I guess I better contact the cultural center and give voluntary arts and crafts classes during the summer .. 
What am I gonna do .. it's a long .. long .. hot .. summer .. I don't like it at all 
oh well .. DIVERSITY .. viva street dance groups .. LOL

Friday, May 29, 2009

سالفة التيلفزيون TV business

السلام عليكم
في يوم من الأيام قررت أني خلاص سوف أضرب ضربتي القاضيه وأظهر عالتيليفزيون "ركزوا مب تلفزيون ولكن تي لي فيز يون شرات مايقولها فايز التوش" في بداية أغنية المسلسل .. عرفتوا كيف؟
انزين عاد شو سوينا ؟
طرشت دي في دي 
طبعا لأنه شغلي 
وطرشناه ويا جماعه كانوا بيظهرون على برنامج بو عمر
أسبوع .. أسبوعين
شهر .. شهرين 
سنه .. سنتين .. خخخخخخخخخخخخ 
لا لا بس شهرين ومحد رد 
جان أقول في خاطريه .. أنا ماباهم .. وقلت أشيا ثانيه بعد بس مش حلوه ماقدر أكتبها 
"يعني سبيتهم سب"
بس كله في خاطريه لأنه عيب مب زين الواحد يسب
المهم .. عقب شهرين .. اتصلوا فيني تلفزيون "آخر" من إماره أخرى
الشغله ومافيها أنه انتقل الديفيدي مع الشخص اللي انتقل للقناه اللي في الإماره الثانيه
ونا عاد مستعيله أبغي شغلي يظهر على الـ تي لي فز يون
لكن العيله هب زينه 
مب كفايه الدرب اللي ظربته ساير راد ونا مادانيه دربهم
أول شي قالوا ١٥ دقيقه 
عقب قالوا البرنامج على الهوا .. قلت أويلي ويلاه .. مش حلو .. لكن يالله
عقب خلوني أسير مرتين للإماره اللي ماحب أسيرها ونا كارهه حياني عسبة الدرب الكريه
وعقبها أونه بايلوت إيبيسود 
الله لا يراويكم .. طاوله مرتفعه وايد وعرصها أنقص عن ذراعي
يعني هاذي كيف براوي عليها شغلي ولا كيف بيلس اشتغل عليها
وكل شوي يقولولي ارفعي إيدج .. بجابل الشغل ولا بجابل كيمرتكم العاثره ؟؟؟
المهم .. قلنا خلاص اللي فيها فيها 
وياريتني ماقلت هالكلام
الفقره من ١٥ دقيقه صارت ٧ دقايق
اللي حاطينه يتابع ويايه عشان محتويات الفقره يا غبي .. يا غبي 
اشرح له ٣ مرات وعقبها اسمي مكتوب غلط ولا الشرح غلط
وبعدين الفقره ٧ دقايق كل اسبوعين ويبغوني اتابع وياهم لين مايخلص الموسم
"وبدون أي مقابل"
 والأدهي والأمرّ "أمرّ يعني أكثر مروره ماتعرفون تقرون انتوا"؟؟ .. واللي معور قلبي أنه محد يتابع لأنه برنامجهم في نفس الوقت اللي ينعرض فيه برنامج بوعمر
زبدة الموضوع
قررت واستشرت الجماعه اللي عندنا وقلت حق القناه المش حلوه .. اسمحولي يا جماعة الخير الدنيا حر والدرب طويل والروح عزيزه وماباكم ولا تبوني
وهاذي كانت قصتي الكريهه ويا قناة "---" ماحب أقول اسمهم
وبس عاد إيدي عورتني .. الحروف على الماك بوك ترتيبها غير 
وداعة الله 
The picture you see above is the DVD cover I made myself .. using stamping technique 
anyways .. my story with a local TV channel
The arabic above explains it all and I don't know what else to say 
See I thought that being on TV would help me showcase my work because at one point I will have to do it .. so I had the chance to send videos demonstrating my work with someone who was being interviewed by our beloved Rashid Al Kharji .. I so much wanted to be on his show
But the person who was responsible for such matters was going to move to another channel and took along my DVD .. something which I knew after 2 months of waiting .. 
anyway .. it was a time wasted and I so much wanted a chance .. so I degraded myself to accepting their offer .. they were unorganized .. totally unprofessional .. very demanding without putting any effort .. and I had to spend a total of 6 hours of my day traveling back and forth for a 7 minutes TV slot which was originally to be 15 .. and to top it all .. it was all for nothing of value to me because I was not paid .. and I did not gain anything from it .. and the worst part is that it was broadcasted live .. the same time Rashid Al Kharji's show is being broadcasted on TV .. 
You guessed it right .. no one was watching their show .. I personally never heard of it till they contacted me .. 
So .. I politely declined to continue after being on their show twice .. after all the hustle .. preparations .. demos .. travel .. everything .. it was all a waste of time .. 
I learned something though .. I should always trust my feelings .. 
I wasn't comfortable being with them .. I didn't want their stupid show .. but it was hard contacting others or reaching them .. 
when you grow older .. everyone becomes so demanding of you .. mostly when things aren't going very well .. and people like me tend to please everyone and strive to prove that they are the best .. even when we're not .. 
I shouldn't do that anymore .. I will only do what pleases me .. 
so to that particular TV channel .. good bye .. and good ridden .. 
This one was a very very long one .. but oh well .. 

Finally أخيرا

السلام عليكم 
أخيرا تحركت وسويتلي هالماعرف شسمه
شي من هالقبيل 
شي أحسن عن ماشي
إلين ماحصل لي حد يصمم لي موقع محترم على كيفي 
وباجر يستوي الموقع شي كبير والناس تجوف شغلي
ويحطوني في المجلس الوطني الاتحادي
بعض اللي موجودين مب أحسن عني
أنا استاهل 
ليش لا ؟؟؟ ها ؟ ليش لا ؟
المهم مافينا يحطون علينا ويزعلون 
الصفحه هاذي بعرض فيها شغل الورق وأشيا ثانيه إذا الله راد لين مانجوف سالفة الموقع
وشرات مايقول بو عمر "راشد الخرجي" لاتخوزون
واه فديت أم قيوين
Well I finally got my long fingers moving and created this blog
I have no idea whatsoever how to get such thing started but it's a start nevertheless .. 
This will hopefully be showcasing my work until I find a decent web designer for my website
That is .. to showcase my work .. and hey maybe that will be so big as to get me elected for the next run for the Federal National Council in UAE.
and WHY NOT?!!!!!!
I checked the list of members and looking at some of them .. 
well ehm .. don't wanna be rude or anything .. but I don't see why can't I be there too .. 
at least I will be a popular representative .. hahah !!!!
well I AM !!!!!!!!!
anyways .. enough jokes already and let's get started with the core of this blogging business 
"if there was such a thing"