Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More dolls .. and yes .. even more dolls

السّلام عليكم 
and peace be upon you 

More dolls .. and More rolling and non stop quilling .. 
but I hope all goes well .. 
wish me luck :) 

well that was the sweet part 


the ugly side of it all is this 

for someone like me .. it is NOT easy to select the right colours 
so eventually things end up as in the above picture 
and I have to clear up two rooms because we have visitors during the weekend .. 
oh well .. 

work in progress .. 

take care for now :) 


  1. Hahahahahaha, no worries Amna! You have competition! I am the champion of indecision when it comes to colours! :D My quilling area (alas! I am not lucky to have a room to me yet) is perennially messy and I have been told off a number of times for messing up the table! The dolls look awesome!!!!!!! Looking forward to your entry for the exhibition! I wish I could come!

  2. teeheeh ,, thanks for the support .. I'm always being told off by mom .. wahahahah but there's no helping it really .. I wish you could come too .. but hopefully I will be updating you all with pictures and videos on the spot .. cool huh !!!

  3. Sooooo cute..R U quilling 40 dolls for national day (seems so!) You must have super fast hands to make those many dolls...BTW every ones work place turns up eventually some day..=D Mine is cluttered with school books and paper!! Looking forward to meet you..Where can I give u my entry? Thank you

  4. Kavya .. let's say i have a surprise that will help promote the exhibition :) and you got it right ;)
    for those who can submit their work .. I will do my best to collect them few days before the exhibition ... will try and fix something later :)

  5. I don't think of the last picture as a mess. To me it is heaven....just like a bowl of candy. I see so many colours (and widths) that I would love to have, I could jump right in.

  6. You know Cheryl that's just 25% of the mess .. hahahah .. and I'm still ordering more .. I like to spread all packages on the floor and look at them and choose .. but without mom being around .. yes those are of different widths and brands too

  7. Do love your dolls, and wish you good luck!!!
    I thought I had lots of paper, you could open your own store with all that you have,lol.
    I wouldnt mind having a mess like that,lol!!

  8. LOL Paula .. that's what my mom says all the time :)
    than you for the good wishes .. I hope you will all be pleased when I post the final project by end of this month

  9. They're gorgeous..Awesome creations..

  10. Amna,
    It's not just you that suffers from this mess. I also lose myself among the papers, but the result is worthwhile. See that beautiful dolls!
    Still could not try the royal flower. Soon, soon!

  11. Wow, Amna! Very beautiful dolls! Love your colorful mess :)))

  12. hiya
    Syaz thanks dear :)
    Nagela thanks .. and I always end up that way whenever I'm very much into a project :)
    Sathya .. thank you :D
    Inna .. coming from you it must be something .. wait for a bigger mess on 22nd Nov .. hahahah

  13. so many colors...gift me some :D