Saturday, July 31, 2010

Supporting Art in UAE

Ha Ha Ha
yes .. it's supposed to be a sarcastic one as usual
all those organizations and authorities in UAE ..
with millions and millions of donations
Can't and don't want and won't support me or sponsor my work
which is by the way giving the country a bright reputation
HEY .. I'm doing it for free if you think about it ..
others would have demanded a pay ..
and it's costing me money ..
" sticking my short tongue out "
Imagine after all the correspondence with one of those thingies ..
whatever they're called ..
I was told .. and read this carefully
this form of art "paper quilling" is not well known around the world and we believe its very new ..
ok full stop and let's comment
I won't take it against those idiots although the management is supposed to be well informed about art but its an Art that goes back to the 13th century for Gods sake !!!!
but I'll just pretend that you so called pros with art degrees are just stupid ignorants and I can't do anything about
shall we carry on the rest of the phone call ?
ok the lady said .. in the same breath .. well it isn't like decoupage for example ..
now lets pause again coz this requires explaining
ahm .. I have to say it took me a great effort and I had to restrain myself from laughing to her face
after all I'm asking for a grant am I not ?
it was one of those moments where you wanna drop on the floor and laugh real hard
and at the same time fumes coming out of your nose coz you're so mad
I mean .. DECOUPAGE ?
now that stupid nonsense is being compared to advanced paper quilling ?
it's being paid for so it seems ..
so all you fellows with a can of varnish and a bunch of sticky pictures go ahead .. apply for your your ready made form of art .. all you have to do is ask for a grant to hire someone to do your art for you ..
but poor quillers and paper sculptures spending weeks on creating art .. you have to spend another 10 centuries till you get noticed :)
isn't it ironic ?
صباح الليل يا مؤسسات و هيئات
أحط أساميكم بعد ولا بلاش ؟
ماقول غير خس الله الشسمه بس
اللهم طولك يا روح

نادي سيّدات الشارقة Sharjah Ladies Club

Thursday 29th July 2010
5:00-7:30 PM
Having big fun ..
It's overwhelming the amount of response and feedback I received from a beginners workshop everyone knows how much I struggled and how persistent I was to give a workshop there Finally the right and willing person answered my phone call and things went thru smoothly الحمدلله Thanks Sara for the help

Moms calling to arrange for childrens workshops Ladies calling for private classes Others calling to book in advance for the next workshop its been crazy since last night .. I almost forgot about my fever :)
I suppose patience pays off at the end .. even after many many years I'm glad I made that phone call for the hundredth time in 3 years though every body around me asked me to forget about it I guess fate was guiding me to wait for the right phone call and the right person ..
I hope that this is the end of the barriers and the beginning of a new beginning :) a pleasant one shall we say ? إن شاء الله
Thanks SLC .. and thanks Ladies .. I'd say you made my day if it wasn't evening already so you made my weekend instead :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Quilling in Japan رحلتنا لليابان وفن لف الورق

السلام عليكم
well .. lets just say the best part was meeting the ladies and visiting Ghibili museum
I arrived jet lagged & had minor fever
so you can imagine how it was for me
so I couldn't get my camera ready and all that stuff
I only managed to take the following video which should suffice for now :)

Back Home عدنــــــــا

السلام عليكم
أخيرا عدنا لقواعدنا سالمين
عرس في الهند و ورشة عمل فن لف الورق في اليابان
its been the busiest time of my life
ok .. I might have been busier
but considering my age and condition this was a wee bit too much for someone like me * hint *
eh .. oh well ..
Lets get to it and be done with it .. hahah
so the Indian weddings are the coolest ?
ignoring all the inconveniences and such ..
it was all worth it ..
I finally attended a real family wedding and cried like a brides mom
but in my case I was the grooms eldest cousin .. hey its almost the same
why ? because I carried him when he was a tiny thing ..
so I have the right to cry seeing him a young man
ok .. fine .. it's coz I said so ..
oh my I cried a lot during the trip to India ..
I cried coz I was happy my cousin Sameer got married ..
I cried coz I was happy to see Asif ..
he's almost 19 and haven't seen him since he was a feet long .. now he's almost 5.7 I think ?
I cried when I left ..
I cried when lil Ahmed & Sidra cried at the airport
I cried coz I read Arsalans message
I cried when the bride hugged me the last day in India and I started crying with her
I cried when I got home and remembered them all
and now I can't hold my tears coz I really do miss them and wish to be with them again
it is a cruel thing .. being in your own home .. and feeling like a stranger
but I'm thankful to God that the "stranger in me" has a bound somewhere else
and looking forward to meeting my other family in India ..

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

آخر ليله في اليابان

السلام عليكم
سافرنا أسبوع للهند
وأسبوع لليابان
والليله آخر ليله في اليابان
ماعندي شي أضيفه حاليا
لكن الصور إن شاء الله من أرد البلاد
It's been the busiest period of my life
Last week in India .. this week in Japan
but my crazy adventure " or thats what I'd like to call it"
is coming to an end ..
it's the last night in Japan .. and tomorrow same time I'll be flying back home
More details to come as soon as the miserable flight is over .. coz I'd probably be sick just like when I first arrived .. I mean a 12 hour flight ? then two hours in Taxi with the few more hours we had to spend in both airports ..
oh well ..
Details next week :)
let's hope tomorrow goes by smoothly ..