Monday, April 18, 2011

Cupcakes in the making

I recently got quilled creations "cupcake treasure boxes kit" from my friend at Fantasy Hobbies 
and thought I'd try it out 

not yet finished .. so these are still cupcakes in the making 
it's a fun kit .. and worth giving a try 
but you will need a "MiniMold" tool to make the domes in different sizes 
unless you already have marbles and tiny round objects like I do :) 
plus the slotted tool of course :) 

enjoy the tiny treats :) 

have a pleasant day 



  1. thanks Paula .. was just checking about going with my friends to get some "real" cupcakes to eat ..

  2. Супер! Очень классно!!!

  3. They look delicious! And so real!

  4. Katrin & ManuK .. thanks for visiting :)

  5. I got the same kit but I have yet to have time to play with it. It looks so cute! Thanks for sharing your pics!!!

  6. hiya Sandy .. it does not compare with the ones you made before .. but it is a fun kit .. I even used different colours I had already .. thanks for visiting :)