Saturday, April 23, 2011

Featured Artist - Lekha Justin

 Our artist this time enjoys many hobbies.
She's always inspired by many quillers and well known characters.
Let's all welcome- Lekha Justin ..

1) When did you start paper quilling ? and how did you know about it ?
About one and a half year back. I came to know about it through articles in newspapers.

2) Do you read books about quilling and other crafts? or what sources do you use mostly ?
My main source of information on paper quilling is internet. it provides many information & videos for learning therefore I don't normally check books about quilling.

3) Describe yourself as an Artist , what hobbies do you like and practice? what other forms of art do you like?how long have you been crafting in general ?
I have not rated myself as an artist. I am practicing art as a hobby and to fill my time in a fun way.
My hobbies are Paper quilling, crochet, cross stitch and blogging (poems & stories) in my native language.
I like also like Origamy, drawing, crafts and Fabric painting. I'm doing crafting since my college days.

4) Do you work or study? and does practicing hobbies affect any aspect of your life?
Home maker, not studying. Practicing is a meditation for me and it is a big refreshment to my soul.

5) Do you attend workshops or give workshops ?
Not at the time being. I mainly practice arts & crafts as a hobby and still learning new things as I go.

6) Have you gained any benefit from your art? what kind of benefit ?
Self satisfaction and happiness are the main benefits from having a hobby No monetary benefits.

7) Do you have a website or a blog that you would like to share with us?
No. but you can view my work at Emirates Quilling Guild facebook group as well as my facebook album.

Here they are: 

Thanks for taking time to answer our questions Lekha .. keep the fab work up 
Amna Al Fard (EQG)

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