Sunday, May 8, 2011

My second Sakura Tree

so I was sitting in a clean room 
yeah I needed space for this project 
and working on my Sakura tree 
its really hard when there are many people 
trying to suggest many things 
and I couldn't refuse moms suggestions to how the colours should be
or how thick or wide the tree trunk & branches should be 
and such 

so this is my second Sakura tree 

not quite happy so next month I'm gonna try a new one 
inshaAllah :) 

take care for now 


  1. Looks beautiful. Great job!

  2. I think its beautiful, fantastic job!!!

  3. Thank you! I was looking for how to make sakura

  4. its so beautiful,all those small flowers must have taken quite some time.........

  5. thanks Ladies .. the process is simple .. it just tales longer time :)
    I'll add few things to the background by end of today .. hopefully it will all be good tomorrow morning .. I really hope so :)

  6. wow! absolutely gorgeous quilling... loved the colours...

  7. I cannot imagine why you are not happy with this? It is amazing!!! I think you are too hard on yourself... I always love your work!
    Antonella :-)

  8. Wow.. that's a lot haha! :D
    I only ever make about 5 flowers that I felt bored haha :p
    Why are you not happy? :(

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    teddy bear princess


  9. It is beautiful, amazing and very creative in our eyes.....
    thanks for sharing all of your talent with us

  10. Karuna thanks dear :)

    Antonella .. the background is needing something .. I added gems and bling it didn't quite do the job .. thanks for your encouragement .. I'm determined to make a larger one now lol * hugs back*

    lol teddy bear princess .. once you get going you won't stop .. at home they all laugh at how much I love making flowers :)

    thanks a lot Cheryl .. you're the talented one so I'll take your word for it :)

    thanks ladies :)

  11. why thanks Inna .. yours is beautiful .. mine is a second version .. the first was given away as a gift :) but planning to make a new one :)

  12. It looks gorgeous! I simply love everything about it, I can't imagine why you are saying you are not happy with it. The composition is amazing, so fluid, you can almost feel the gentle breeze sweeping away the flowers. Very inspiring!

  13. Thanks ManuK .. I'm glad you liked it dear :)