Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Exhibition / 2

السلام عليكم 
& Peace be upon you 

well .. let's carry on with the videos shall we ?
but before we do that .. I have to tell you that at the opening day and just before the Crown Prince gets into the gallery hall 
My lil niece was supposed to place shawl resembling teh UAE flag on the crown prices shoulders then present the flowers 
it wasn't the first time 
she did that before at another ceremony 
so it wasn't that she's shy or anything .. she was quite ready and prepared .. 

BUT .. and there's a real bad great scary shocking one 
the lil girl obviously was too bored and weary of waiting .. 
SO ?
when the crown prince actually came .. she quickly handed the shawl and left 
I swear my heart sunk somewhere in my tummy I guess .. not sure but thats how I felt 
and for a single moment or something like that .. I felt that the whole thing was over and .. well .. that's it .. I could have fainted .. but I rarely do that ya know I can't do that during an exhibition I was preparing for a long long time .. besides I could have looked ridiculous 
so I just went blank for a second .. Ha Ha 

but the crown prince was very kind and sweet .. he said .. I don't think she can reach my height 
ahm .. the UAQ gentlemen are well known for being the tallest in UAE
The crown prince is of course unbeatable on that score .. 
so he took it himself and wore it :) 
and then .. well it was one of the happiest days of many peoples lives .. including myself :) 

that was the first day .. more later ;) 
but here are the videos though 

Part 2

Part 3

and Part 4

Hope you had fun watching .. :) 
Happy Quilling 


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  1. awesome video's, I can watch them over and over again!!!!