Saturday, March 3, 2012

I don't like being THAT busy :"(

السلام عليكم 
& peace be upon you 

I know .. yes .. it took long .. AGAIN .. 
but life is hectic 

so this post is the craft one .. gonna write another one in awhile .. :) 

I had to get some sort of an update posted 

lately I've been busy packing .. labeling .. sending .. " RE-SENDING" parcels 
for the swap & the "rejected .. good for nothing .. never approved .. never wanted .. never asked for .. art pieces " it's those that were annoying to deal with but oh well .. out of my way now .. 

and that pic is the cleanest one by the way .. the room was in fact a great mess .. I was almost kicked out of the house because of the horrible pieces that we never really asked for .. 

sorry about ranting that way .. but some people got the better of me because of the rude e-mails I got 

anyways .. the next bit .. shall we? 
I was working on Guinness World Record Attempt .. when I found that around 200 pieces were cracked .. the thing is .. it's not an entire piece or doll .. some were the main body .. some the heads or hands .. 
so ... 
I have been busy re-making the 200 + the balance .. which is 400 now :) 

want to take a look at my unfinished army ? 

and another pic ?
yes please .. 
That headless army of dolls looks scary doesn't it ? 

well here's a finished one I'm sending for my friend Jeanette in Canada 
she likes Blue :) 

well .. that's it for this post .. going to write another one in awhile :) 
different stuff that is .. hahah 

Adios amigas 

Happy Quilling :)