Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Featured Artist - Anastasia Wahalatantiri

now .. let's get to meet another interesting lady .. but we will have to travel to meet her

I am determined to travel and meet her personally and get to learn from her

But she was kind enough to accept our invitation and be our guest and featured artist for this week

The lady we're talking of is non other than the amazing Anastasia Wahalatantiri from Sri Lanka

I was so thrilled when I finally caught her on facebook

YES .. caught ..

I saw her work many times on the internet and I felt this is one of the most worthy pieces of quilled creations anyone can take a look at

and you will know why ..

she created her own style and designs ..

but I won't say more .. you'll get to know yourself now :)

shall we meet the quilling queen ?

of course .. you have to catch this chance too :P

* Please introduce yourself to the members :)

I am from Sri Lanka a beautiful Island in the Indian Ocean. There isn't a particular group, Organization or society for quilling in my country but every art and craft school teaches quilling as a subject and also in art/craft classes in school. And I am proud to say the students hear are very clever at it.

* When did you start quilling?

I started quilling about three years back and it was by chance. There was a quilled rat in a magazine that I came across, but did not take much notice and forgot all about it. One day when I was bored of all my other hobbies and wanted to do something new, I remembered the paper rat and new it was done with strips of paper, but did not know how. I had no access to a computer so did not know about quilling then. I thank the Gods for that, cause that is what inspire me to quill the way I do. Anyone going through my quillings would realise that it is way out of the traditional quilling method. They are all my very own creations done by experiment.

* What are your main sources for learning?

I use the Internet now for most of my information on arts and craft. I have enrolled in a many quilling groups and made friends with many quillers around the world. So I share and learn from them and also get lots of tips and ideas of quilling but never copy an other's project. I always do something original. So I get satisfaction and pride of my work.

* Do you think quilling supplies easy to find?

Quilling supplies are available at some of the arts and craft institutes in my country and is no big deal. But many quillers and myself in particular like to do it with what source available. My motto is "turn out beautiful objects with the least cost". I teach anyone who wants to learn it, free and mostly to the underprivileged. So I use the least costly material and tools. My tools are all made by me and all my quillings are done with 1/8" strips cut from A4 coloured paper. My students too do the same. It is a long story and anyone care to know, can visit my blog to find out how:)

* We want to know you as an Artist :)

I can say I am a borne artist. May be from the age of seven or eight I have been doing various handicraft. I never through off junk without a second thought of how I could make use of it to turn out some handy craft. My crafts are many. From any type of handcraft I also do Saree paintings and cut work. Cooking,dressmaking etc.

* Does your art affect your life in any way?

I am a housewife with 2 married children and a little grand child of a one year old, who run their own homes. My husband is a very busy executive in a leading firm in the country and often goes abroad on business. I have all the time in the world for my hobbies. There are times I skip meals and work late at night as I get so involved in my work. My hobbies are my life. It gives me so much happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

* Do you attend or give workshops ?

No I don't attend workshops or give any. But teach or help out anyone who asks or need it.

If you can tell us the main benefit from this art? what would it be?

I have gained a lot from art. It is mostly self satisfaction and the friends I have made around the world because of it.

* How can the members view your creations or contact you?

I would love to share my blog with all of you cause you may get to know about my many crafts and little tips on how to do them too.



Anastasia was very kind to give us her time and finally she added:

I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity and be glad if members from your community can learn something from me

Thank you so much Anastasia for your time ..

and members .. please make sure to check her blog you will sure enjoy it

and .. of course .. enjoy

Amna :)

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  1. very nice interview, enjoyed it very much, it's nice to meet people who have things in commin , specially when it comes to arts and crafts. the learning and sharing is so satisfying!
    Keep up the good work

  2. Thanks Paula .. very true .. Long before I was unaware of other quillers and the level of talents around the world .. but when you get to meet them you learn a lot and it is satisfying as you said
    Thanks for visiting :)

  3. Nice interview!! You sound like a celebrity! Enjoyed knowing you more :)

  4. Karuna .. lol .. thanks for visiting .. and you will get to know more artists here :)