Thursday, February 17, 2011

Featured Artist - Asma' Ahmad Bahari

السلام عليكم

Peace & Blessings :)

A very sweet and talented lady .. all the way from Malaysia

I'm loving this featured artist segment it makes me feel as if I'm traveling around the world :)

it is true as Maritza said .. a single paper strip can sure open up this world and let us befriend many nice and creative individuals

so lets meet Asma from Malaysia ..

When asked about her start with Paper quilling


I can't really remember the exact date, but it was somewhere on year 2004. I found this art accidentally online (while google-ing for craft ideas) and at the beginning, I didn’t even know it's name! :P

I learned by observing and by trying, I didn’t know anything about tools and such, and started cutting the paper strips using a ruler and a craft knife.

And even now, I only feel comfortable using my own hands to roll paper strips, no slotted tool, to needle tool used :)

What about your other resources?


I love reading books about all arts & crafts but especially paper crafts such as paper quilling, origami, book bindin

But my main source I have to say is online, since its reachable and accessible any time. There are many creative people out there that display their work on the internet, and I can easily get in touch with them thru the internet.

But books also contribute a lot in inspiring me, as well as other people surrounding me as I always spend my weekend reading craft books at bookstores and hang out (talk about craft for the whole day) with my family and friends as well as other local crafter.

What can we know about Asma the artist?


As an artist, I love to make something new. even I learn a lot from other crafter, but I always make sure I can came up with my own designs. I love to be inspired and I want to inspire others. I love to try other art forms sometime and always try to combine different arts & methods into quilling. other forms of arts that I like are bookbinding, cartonnage (the art of making box), origami, letterpress, scrapbooking, crochet, sewing, and many more actually.

Basically, I just love everything about art ;) but to be honest, my formal education background is actually zero from art :P

So you’re studying? does practicing hobbies affect your studies or any aspect of your life?


I am currently working and just furthering my master study in quantum information and cryptography. practicing hobbies really does affect my life. through craft, I can express my feelings and stabilized my emotions and thoughts. and practicing new art during my free time would add more sensation and make myself enjoy my time. in short, it can actually take myself out for a while from hectic life and I found that this is actually the best therapy for me ;)

Do you teach arts & crafts as well?


I am really new in this activity since I just get in touch with local crafter just early this year. but throughout the year, I attend some workshops and sometime help other crafter as assistant instructor in her workshop. but usually I just teach informally for those who ask from me.

What value do you have from arts & crafts?


I sell my art so basically the benefit is in terms of money. but other than that, I actually gain appreciations, critics and comments from people. through this kind of benefit, I can always figure out how to improve myself and at the same time maintain my good skills. from my art also, I gain self satisfaction and it completes my life

How can we view your work or get in touch with you?


I do have a blog:

and if you’re active in facebook, I have made the page for my

I also have stored pictures of my arts online and it will be updated from time to time:

at the end .. Asma added:

I would like to say thank you especially to Amna for inviting me to share some of my background in quilling art with all the members. and I actually felt really honored and grateful for being invited as one of this group. I have browse through the quilling art shared in here, and I am amazed with all the works. I hope I can learn a lot from all in future and keep in touch with other members.

Thank you so much Amna. I really enjoy answering the questions ♥

Asma of course doesn’t know that I fell in love with her work and I’m the one to thank you Asma for giving us your time and sharing with us your fabulous creative artwork ... wishing you all the best and a year filled with success and talent .. Thanks Asma

YOU .. yes YOU .. don’t go away .. I still have Asma’s work to show you

so stay right where you are and admire :P

posted at the Emirates Quilling Guilds (EQG) facebook group on 31st December 2010


  1. Asma's work is beautiful, and I especially love her flowers and leaves. Thank you for sharing this - I will go now to check out her blog!
    and Quilliance on Facebook

  2. thanks Philippa for visiting and glad you enjoyed this post .. your work is very nice too :)