Sunday, February 27, 2011

Susan Lee - Featured Artist

السّلام عليكم

& peace be upon you

Our featured artist this time is non other than Susan Lee .. from Philippines

I knew about her when I was looking for other quilling artists in UAE and then found her blog and then traced her to facebook .. and here she is .. for all of you to know about her and her art :)

she provides all paper quilling supplies

and gives classes too

so let's get started :)

Can you tell us how did you start quilling? and what sources you used to learn ?

Think 2 years ago. I remember, I bought several paper strips and the slotted tool with one ARTE member, SAD, after buying stuff from her, I ask her if she can show me the basic paper quilling, she answered me “Sorry, there’s a technique with this paper craft”. I wish a knew you before ;o)

Out of frustration to learn the craft, I GOOGLE them, imagine I have no clue how the craft was called that time. I just type paper strips and slotted tool, in there… muallah PAPER QUILLING. I tried YOUTUBE, and just keep trying and trying. I guess if you are interested in one thing, you do not give up easily ‘till you learn it and perfect them.

Does crafting affect any aspect of your life?

I have a full time job, I work as Administrative Asst. / P.A. / Secretary / Liaison Office or Messenger / Driver (imagine all in one, only Susan can do) in a trading company of oil & gas equipment owned by a British National. That is why as much as I want to create more paper crafts, I don’t have the energy anymore once I get home.

what other hobbies or forms of art do you practice?

My first love is the 3D Papertole. I’ve learned this paper craft way back in the Philippines when I was still studying, I do needle craft too, like cross stitch, ribbon embroidery, crochet and lately got interested in scrapbooking and card making. In card making I combine mostly all the crafts that I know.

The best consolation for me as an artist is that people appreciate what I do, especially my husband, family & friends, it motivates me to create more. Shame, I don’t have much time lately to make one because of my work.

do you attend workshops or teach ?

I do teach the Basic Paper Quilling and the 3D Papertole, but not very often, I think you can guess why :o)

How can the other members get in touch with you or see more of your work?

My blog is & my Face Book account is IAOP – It’s All On Paper by: Susan Lee.

Thanks Amna, for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself and my craft to your avid followers.

Susan Lee


Thank you so much Susan for your time .. I know you were too busy but still had the time to answer the questions and send us your nice pics ..

Hope to attend one of your classes in the future

now let's see her work ..


on Thursday, January 20, 2011 at 10:30pm at Emirates Quilling Guild & Mannayah


  1. love the fairies, great work on all !

  2. thanks Paula .. yes Susans work is great :)

  3. Your works is splendid beautiful!!!
    Groetjes Baukje

  4. Thanks Groetjes .. yes Susans work is beautiful :)
    thanks for visiting

  5. Phew! I've been here for a while. Enjoyed going through this blog. Love these fairies, the ballerina; in fact all the quilled projects. I'm a new follower. When you can, do visit my blog too.

  6. Hi there Leanne :) thanks for visiting and glad you enjoyed viewing the quilled creations .. will visit your blog shortly

  7. true Susan's work is .. thanks for visiting Katrin :)