Monday, May 30, 2011

Madhushika Lakmini - Featured Artist

السّلام عليكم 
& Peace be upon you

I'm trying a new way of displaying the work of our monthly featured artists at 

so I thought of youtube videos
I hope you'll enjoy it :) 

best wishes 


Saturday, May 28, 2011

ورشة فن لف الورق بخورفكّان

السّلام عليكم 
& peace be upon you 

it was a long journey to Khorfakkan last Thursday 
never been there before 
and had to come across mountains 
and mountains 
and MORE mountains 
but when I got to my destination 
it was a beautiful place 
and the organization was great and the ladies were super talented
كان يوم حلو

enjoy the short video :) 


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Evolution of a Sakura Tree

السّلام عليكم 

& peace be upon you 

yes yes ... I am obsessed with flowers 
not only Sakuras but Hydrangeas too 

but this time .. I'll let you watch how my Sakura trees developed :) 

enjoy :) 


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

سبحان الله

السّلام عليكم 
& peace be upon you 

I normally watch this youtube channel from time to time 
coz I always miss Japan 
and two local friends who studied in Japan 
always upload beautiful videos on that channel
some educational 
some for viewing the amazing things & places in Japan 

it's been long since I checked their channel and last night I did 
I cried 
what I thought of is 
it's heaven 
but if that is heaven on earth for me
what would be the eternal heaven !!
it must be beyond anything that human's imagination can conceive 
الله يجعلنا و إياكم من أصحاب الجنّه

I'll leave you with the amazing views thru this video
and do subscribe to their channel
they are very helpful and nice :)

buenas noches
good night 
وتصبحون على خير :)


Monday, May 23, 2011

have some please ... اقربوا اقربوا

السّلام عليكم 
& peace be upon you 

an old obsession of mine .. watch the video to know :) 

Enjoy :)


Saturday, May 21, 2011

May's tag swap - My tags

السّلام عليكم 
& peace be upon you 

these are the tags for this months swap 
tags swap with other members of emirates quilling Guild 
the theme is spring .. 
and of course .. it has to be quilled :) 

enjoy :) 


Friday, May 20, 2011

ورشة فن لف الورق بمدرسة الوطن بأم القيوين

السلام عليكم 
& peace be upon you :) 
a workshop in quilling for beginners was requested by a friends sister 
a teacher whom I respect a lot and couldn't refuse 
it was for science & laboratory teachers 
had a lot of fun 
science teachers were smarter in "arts" than arts teachers 
it's true :S

& have a great weekend 


Sunday, May 8, 2011

My last years old Sakura Tree

السّلام عليكم 
& peace be upon you 

this was the older version of my Sakura 
which was given as a gift to a Sheikh for opening an exhibition last year 

this is the one that I miss so much :S 
took me 14 days .. 9 hours everyday 

nothing complicated as my new one 
but I loved it and determined to make another copy for myself 

 last picture before giving it away :( 

closer look at the details :

so I suppose I have two more Sakura trees to make now lol 
or .. maybe i need to visit Japan once more :) 

have a great day wherever you are 


My second Sakura Tree

so I was sitting in a clean room 
yeah I needed space for this project 
and working on my Sakura tree 
its really hard when there are many people 
trying to suggest many things 
and I couldn't refuse moms suggestions to how the colours should be
or how thick or wide the tree trunk & branches should be 
and such 

so this is my second Sakura tree 

not quite happy so next month I'm gonna try a new one 
inshaAllah :) 

take care for now 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A rabbits cottage .. cozy .. there's tea & cheese cake too

السّلام عليكم 
& peace be upon you 

my other entry for the NAQG Con. 2011

forget about the tea party with mad hatter, 
the pink dressed bunny rabbit welcomes all :)

I hope it's a good year after all :) 


آمنه الفرض

Amna Al Fardh

Sunday, May 1, 2011

والفائز هو ؟

السّلام عليكم 
& peace be upon you 

النّسخة العربيّة

English Version 

Enjoy :) 

آمنه الفرض
Amna Al Fardh