Sunday, February 27, 2011

Susan Lee - Featured Artist

السّلام عليكم

& peace be upon you

Our featured artist this time is non other than Susan Lee .. from Philippines

I knew about her when I was looking for other quilling artists in UAE and then found her blog and then traced her to facebook .. and here she is .. for all of you to know about her and her art :)

she provides all paper quilling supplies

and gives classes too

so let's get started :)

Can you tell us how did you start quilling? and what sources you used to learn ?

Think 2 years ago. I remember, I bought several paper strips and the slotted tool with one ARTE member, SAD, after buying stuff from her, I ask her if she can show me the basic paper quilling, she answered me “Sorry, there’s a technique with this paper craft”. I wish a knew you before ;o)

Out of frustration to learn the craft, I GOOGLE them, imagine I have no clue how the craft was called that time. I just type paper strips and slotted tool, in there… muallah PAPER QUILLING. I tried YOUTUBE, and just keep trying and trying. I guess if you are interested in one thing, you do not give up easily ‘till you learn it and perfect them.

Does crafting affect any aspect of your life?

I have a full time job, I work as Administrative Asst. / P.A. / Secretary / Liaison Office or Messenger / Driver (imagine all in one, only Susan can do) in a trading company of oil & gas equipment owned by a British National. That is why as much as I want to create more paper crafts, I don’t have the energy anymore once I get home.

what other hobbies or forms of art do you practice?

My first love is the 3D Papertole. I’ve learned this paper craft way back in the Philippines when I was still studying, I do needle craft too, like cross stitch, ribbon embroidery, crochet and lately got interested in scrapbooking and card making. In card making I combine mostly all the crafts that I know.

The best consolation for me as an artist is that people appreciate what I do, especially my husband, family & friends, it motivates me to create more. Shame, I don’t have much time lately to make one because of my work.

do you attend workshops or teach ?

I do teach the Basic Paper Quilling and the 3D Papertole, but not very often, I think you can guess why :o)

How can the other members get in touch with you or see more of your work?

My blog is & my Face Book account is IAOP – It’s All On Paper by: Susan Lee.

Thanks Amna, for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself and my craft to your avid followers.

Susan Lee


Thank you so much Susan for your time .. I know you were too busy but still had the time to answer the questions and send us your nice pics ..

Hope to attend one of your classes in the future

now let's see her work ..


on Thursday, January 20, 2011 at 10:30pm at Emirates Quilling Guild & Mannayah

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Quilled PomPoms?

السلام عليكم
درس فيديو عن طريقة عمل ورود بطريقة مختلفة كالتي ترونها في الصور أدناه
فيديو باللّغة العربيّة
Salaam ..
This was a video tutorial I made earlier to explain how to make certain flowers or pompoms
such as the ones you see in the pics
in English
آمنه الفرض
Amna Al Fard

Monday, February 21, 2011

ATC swap .. Emirates Quilling Guild

The above are my cards ..
but these are nothing compared to the cards I received from the other participating ladies :)
take a look at their work in this video .. awesomeness :)
Have a good day :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Flowers .. Flowers .. and yes MORE Flowers

السّلام عليكم
I'll be taking part in some event next month
and thought I'd start displaying new artwork
so this is the latest quilled creation
"Dream Weaver Daisy"
yeah I know .. looks nothing like a daisy
but think of it as a funky whimsy daisy ?
or something like that !!! .....
oh well .. hope you all had a pleasant weekend :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Featured Artist - Asma' Ahmad Bahari

السلام عليكم

Peace & Blessings :)

A very sweet and talented lady .. all the way from Malaysia

I'm loving this featured artist segment it makes me feel as if I'm traveling around the world :)

it is true as Maritza said .. a single paper strip can sure open up this world and let us befriend many nice and creative individuals

so lets meet Asma from Malaysia ..

When asked about her start with Paper quilling


I can't really remember the exact date, but it was somewhere on year 2004. I found this art accidentally online (while google-ing for craft ideas) and at the beginning, I didn’t even know it's name! :P

I learned by observing and by trying, I didn’t know anything about tools and such, and started cutting the paper strips using a ruler and a craft knife.

And even now, I only feel comfortable using my own hands to roll paper strips, no slotted tool, to needle tool used :)

What about your other resources?


I love reading books about all arts & crafts but especially paper crafts such as paper quilling, origami, book bindin

But my main source I have to say is online, since its reachable and accessible any time. There are many creative people out there that display their work on the internet, and I can easily get in touch with them thru the internet.

But books also contribute a lot in inspiring me, as well as other people surrounding me as I always spend my weekend reading craft books at bookstores and hang out (talk about craft for the whole day) with my family and friends as well as other local crafter.

What can we know about Asma the artist?


As an artist, I love to make something new. even I learn a lot from other crafter, but I always make sure I can came up with my own designs. I love to be inspired and I want to inspire others. I love to try other art forms sometime and always try to combine different arts & methods into quilling. other forms of arts that I like are bookbinding, cartonnage (the art of making box), origami, letterpress, scrapbooking, crochet, sewing, and many more actually.

Basically, I just love everything about art ;) but to be honest, my formal education background is actually zero from art :P

So you’re studying? does practicing hobbies affect your studies or any aspect of your life?


I am currently working and just furthering my master study in quantum information and cryptography. practicing hobbies really does affect my life. through craft, I can express my feelings and stabilized my emotions and thoughts. and practicing new art during my free time would add more sensation and make myself enjoy my time. in short, it can actually take myself out for a while from hectic life and I found that this is actually the best therapy for me ;)

Do you teach arts & crafts as well?


I am really new in this activity since I just get in touch with local crafter just early this year. but throughout the year, I attend some workshops and sometime help other crafter as assistant instructor in her workshop. but usually I just teach informally for those who ask from me.

What value do you have from arts & crafts?


I sell my art so basically the benefit is in terms of money. but other than that, I actually gain appreciations, critics and comments from people. through this kind of benefit, I can always figure out how to improve myself and at the same time maintain my good skills. from my art also, I gain self satisfaction and it completes my life

How can we view your work or get in touch with you?


I do have a blog:

and if you’re active in facebook, I have made the page for my

I also have stored pictures of my arts online and it will be updated from time to time:

at the end .. Asma added:

I would like to say thank you especially to Amna for inviting me to share some of my background in quilling art with all the members. and I actually felt really honored and grateful for being invited as one of this group. I have browse through the quilling art shared in here, and I am amazed with all the works. I hope I can learn a lot from all in future and keep in touch with other members.

Thank you so much Amna. I really enjoy answering the questions ♥

Asma of course doesn’t know that I fell in love with her work and I’m the one to thank you Asma for giving us your time and sharing with us your fabulous creative artwork ... wishing you all the best and a year filled with success and talent .. Thanks Asma

YOU .. yes YOU .. don’t go away .. I still have Asma’s work to show you

so stay right where you are and admire :P

posted at the Emirates Quilling Guilds (EQG) facebook group on 31st December 2010

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Featured Artist - Anastasia Wahalatantiri

now .. let's get to meet another interesting lady .. but we will have to travel to meet her

I am determined to travel and meet her personally and get to learn from her

But she was kind enough to accept our invitation and be our guest and featured artist for this week

The lady we're talking of is non other than the amazing Anastasia Wahalatantiri from Sri Lanka

I was so thrilled when I finally caught her on facebook

YES .. caught ..

I saw her work many times on the internet and I felt this is one of the most worthy pieces of quilled creations anyone can take a look at

and you will know why ..

she created her own style and designs ..

but I won't say more .. you'll get to know yourself now :)

shall we meet the quilling queen ?

of course .. you have to catch this chance too :P

* Please introduce yourself to the members :)

I am from Sri Lanka a beautiful Island in the Indian Ocean. There isn't a particular group, Organization or society for quilling in my country but every art and craft school teaches quilling as a subject and also in art/craft classes in school. And I am proud to say the students hear are very clever at it.

* When did you start quilling?

I started quilling about three years back and it was by chance. There was a quilled rat in a magazine that I came across, but did not take much notice and forgot all about it. One day when I was bored of all my other hobbies and wanted to do something new, I remembered the paper rat and new it was done with strips of paper, but did not know how. I had no access to a computer so did not know about quilling then. I thank the Gods for that, cause that is what inspire me to quill the way I do. Anyone going through my quillings would realise that it is way out of the traditional quilling method. They are all my very own creations done by experiment.

* What are your main sources for learning?

I use the Internet now for most of my information on arts and craft. I have enrolled in a many quilling groups and made friends with many quillers around the world. So I share and learn from them and also get lots of tips and ideas of quilling but never copy an other's project. I always do something original. So I get satisfaction and pride of my work.

* Do you think quilling supplies easy to find?

Quilling supplies are available at some of the arts and craft institutes in my country and is no big deal. But many quillers and myself in particular like to do it with what source available. My motto is "turn out beautiful objects with the least cost". I teach anyone who wants to learn it, free and mostly to the underprivileged. So I use the least costly material and tools. My tools are all made by me and all my quillings are done with 1/8" strips cut from A4 coloured paper. My students too do the same. It is a long story and anyone care to know, can visit my blog to find out how:)

* We want to know you as an Artist :)

I can say I am a borne artist. May be from the age of seven or eight I have been doing various handicraft. I never through off junk without a second thought of how I could make use of it to turn out some handy craft. My crafts are many. From any type of handcraft I also do Saree paintings and cut work. Cooking,dressmaking etc.

* Does your art affect your life in any way?

I am a housewife with 2 married children and a little grand child of a one year old, who run their own homes. My husband is a very busy executive in a leading firm in the country and often goes abroad on business. I have all the time in the world for my hobbies. There are times I skip meals and work late at night as I get so involved in my work. My hobbies are my life. It gives me so much happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

* Do you attend or give workshops ?

No I don't attend workshops or give any. But teach or help out anyone who asks or need it.

If you can tell us the main benefit from this art? what would it be?

I have gained a lot from art. It is mostly self satisfaction and the friends I have made around the world because of it.

* How can the members view your creations or contact you?

I would love to share my blog with all of you cause you may get to know about my many crafts and little tips on how to do them too.

Anastasia was very kind to give us her time and finally she added:

I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity and be glad if members from your community can learn something from me

Thank you so much Anastasia for your time ..

and members .. please make sure to check her blog you will sure enjoy it

and .. of course .. enjoy

Amna :)

Posted at (EQG) Emirates Quilling Guild facebook group on 27th November 2010

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Featured Artist - Yasmin Hagalwadi

This is an interview I made earlier with Mrs. Hagalwadi ..

which was posted on my facebook page

thought I'd post it here too

Enjoy reading :)

10th December 2010

Where else to meet our next featured artist but to meet her at an art exhibit

Our featured artist this week .. is also a true artist to the bone

practicing different forms of art

Her work is very intricate & detailed .. she’s a master with the needle work .. yes ..

crochet, lace, and not only that but much more ..

when I saw her quilled pieces at the exhibition .. I was astonished

she’s really good at techniques that she stood by me at the exhibition

and helped everyone understand the art of paper quilling ..

she was kind enough to give me her time to demonstrate along with me

and take up the load .. and I was so happy :)

psssst .. “her roses were made by hand .. and the perfect ones they were”

shall we all meet out own Yasmin Hagalwadi ?

yes we shall ..

1) How did you start quilling?

I had tried my hand at Paper Quilling a few years back and loved it.

Because of the difficulty in finding supplies I had to put it aside.

But I took it up again 6 months back after seeing Amna's beautiful quilling projects .

I was so inspired that I had to start quilling again.

2) Do you learn from books too?

I do a lot of research on any craft that I take up. I don't have access to many books,

in fact I have just a couple of beginners books.

My main source is the internet and other artists.

Everyone has such beautiful work that just looking at their quilled creations

and works is a good learning experience by itself.

3) So shall we say that you are interested in different styles and techniques in arts and crafts?

I'd say I'm a Constant Learner of crafts.

I love to learn new crafts and the different techniques and methods in each.

I love the details.

As for other hobbies, Crochet is my passion. I do all kinds of projects in crochet.

Tatting is also a favorite with me and like to make the delicate laces in this almost forgotten art of lace-making.

I also do a little paper crafts ,sewing, origami, card making, embroidery,

Henna designing etc. My most recent craft is fabric flowers.

4) Does your art affect your life in any way?

I'm lucky that I do what I love doing. I'm a full time crafter and do custom orders for clients.

I make all kinds of gift items and favors for different occasions,

gift tags crochet accessories and home decor.

5) do you attend workshops or give workshops ?

I love to teach Art and Crafts. I've been giving private classes for quite a long time .

I've given only a couple of crochet workshops but haven't had the opportunity to attend one yet.

6) what does art provide to you?

The greatest gain is a sense a of peace and accomplishment felt

when you see the beautiful work of art unfolding itself as you work on it.

I feel that it takes me to whole new level of peace and joy and relaxes me - it's a great stress buster.

7) How can we get in touch with you and see more of your other creative work?

I have a blog mostly about crochet.

8) what would you like to share with the Guild members ?

I would like to see more people in U.A.E getting involved and learning different crafts.

Its a simple pleasure in life which can help one reconnect with the inner self.

I also hope that there is a better availability of crafts supplies in U.A.E

with reasonable prices so crafting doesn't seem like an expensive hobby!

I also love to promote anything handmade as each piece is unique and has a special value and a personal touch to it.

"Yasmin is now providing the basic quilling supplies in UAE"

Thanks Yasmin for your time

Now enjoy viewing her lovely art creations .. but let me tell you a secret

Yasmin is on her way of becoming a very good supplier of paper quilling supplies ..

she's working on contacting suppliers to get the best supplies with affordable cost ..

now go ahead .. admire her work :D

some of her quilled creations